Pizza for Wisconsin

By: Guest Authors

By: Dr Phil Taverna

Did you know people from all around the world donated Pizza to the folks in Wisconsin?

This is great but I think the folks demonstrating for who knows what could afford to buy their own Pizza. Lady Obama may want to recommend a special pizza with no carbohydrates, no cholesterol and no substance whatsoever.

What’s really cool as a sideline is that Ian Pizza put up a link on the www and offered through coupons from Madsupport and a $5 dollar discount on $20 dollars spent. So my hat goes off to Ian for taking advantage of the situation and making a lot of dough. I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.

This is a great example of welfare gone wrong. These people didn’t need the pizza, and it was the State of Wisconsin that needed the Pizza. What if the folks around the world donated $100 million dollars to the state of Wisconsin for doing absolutely nothing? Pizza money poured in from places like Bosnia, China, Egypt, France and 20 other countries according to the NY Times, but chances are it was probably sent in by retired teachers on holiday in a foreign country. So they picked up their computers gizmos and sent in their pizza support.

So the socialists who meant well wanted to show solidarity. The only folks they helped was Ian. Ian hopes that this protesting stuff goes on for … ever. But it did nothing for the problems in Wisconsin.

The problem is simple the Wisconsin economy can no longer afford to pay the burden of all these government workers. One major premise is why anyone would allow government workers to unionize in the first place.

Unionization during the industrial revolution was to protect the worker from abuse caused by the likes of evil men like Carnegie, Ford, DuPont and others. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. The purpose of the Union was to group people together so they would have more power so that they could help determine what their fair share of the pot really was. And it didn’t matter who was responsible to filling the pot with money. So you can see how easy it was from a socialist point of view to see the problem. No one has a problem with sharing the pot with you as long as you take responsibility to fill the pot. That would be capitalistic, and not many unions want to hear that word mentioned.

So why in the world would you unionize government workers? Ultimately the evil employer is the taxpayer. For socialistic purposes the only reason to unionize is so that you can collect millions of dollars in dues and use it to influence politics and pay exorbitant fees to union leaders.

Since the employer is the taxpayer, and the taxpayers have voted that they don’t want their taxes raised, then it becomes apparent that the unions need to work it out so that their costs remain the same or go down. Simply put, that is what a democracy is all about.

So as we look at their nasty responses, it becomes apparent that this is not an issue of evil employer, but the nasty employees have lost sight of their purpose and expense. Once that happens then by definition collective bargaining is off the table. If the unions become unreasonable how can you achieve or arrive at an arm’s length agreement mutually agreed upon by the taxpayer and the unions?

If the Democrats had a half a brain between them, they would have let this go. By making a big deal over this and the Democrat senators being marked absent, it sends a clear message to the taxpayers in Wisconsin and the rest of the country.

The government unions can no longer be trusted and if the Democrats can’t act like adults, then they will be replaced by representatives that can help solve the problems.
The unions of this nature must understand as the taxes go up, not down it drives businesses away from the state. With those businesses will go all the revenues needed to pay the unions. That money will not come back. Ask places like NY and California that are raising their taxes through the roof and driving businesses out of NY and the country.

One liberal pundit said that there are plenty of businesses in Wisconsin. They have plenty of money but they are not spending it. So let’s say that’s true. Does this liberal want a law passed that demands that these businesses spend their money. Could it be that they are not spending their money in Wisconsin because the tax burden and collateral expenses are too high and they are looking else where to spend their money. One problem that socialists really can’t get a grip on, is that businesses are not like the government, businesses need to spend their money on things that make money called profit otherwise they will not be around for very long. If a business declares bankruptcy they are out of here. If a government declares bankruptcy, someone else steps in and tries to right the ship while the State’s interest rates on debt go through the roof!

The government union members have to ask themselves a few questions. How many of you have lost your jobs? How many of you have lost your homes? How many of you have lost your healthcare? And how many of you have no retirement plans?

Ask your neighbors how many of them are suffering through these perils? It is thousands if not millions are forced to suffer through these perils each day. The State of Wisconsin is asking you to have a heart. Please give them a break and help the state build its economy again. As the economy grows everyone will be rewarded. It makes no sense to reward the government workers while the rest of the state is in an economic disaster. Eventually the Obama economy or the next president’s economy will turn a corner and cooler heads will prevail and the adults will begin to run the show. There is only one way to win the American dream. You need capitalism at all levels of the state and country. We don’t make any money on the American jobs in China and India. China and India do not pay our taxes. Actually we help to pay theirs. It is time to work together for the good of America. Today, the only capitalism being displayed is Ian’s. Go Ian, you understand how to make a profit in a bad economic times. Anyone want a pizza?

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