Is It Revolution Or Evolution

By: Ken Hughes

Man evolves in strange ways; not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well. After centuries of oppression the people of the Middle East are awakening to a new realization they can be free to pursue a life of self determination. What westerners call democracy isn’t something Middle East Arabs can walk out their door and pluck from a tree. First they must fight for the right to self-rule. Then they must agree on all of the many parameters involved in self governing. The agreeing part is where it usually all breaks down due to lack of experience governing. Winning an armed revolution is only the first step. Uniting the public and creating a workable government is far more difficult. This is where evolution comes into the picture. Starting from nothing and creating something the tribe / country can all accept is far more than a revolution it’s a life altering experience.

The political structures of the people of the earth have evolved in various ways as the tribes saw fit; some with more aggressive leadership than others, none as democratic as America. The founding fathers didn’t invent the word “democracy” however they did modify it to mean something the Ascent Greeks would never have understood. For more than 200 years America has struggled and fought wars to maintain the democratic Republic the founders gave us. Today that struggle is coming from within, America has elected and appointed officials working every day to bring this country down and make it part of a socialist world government.

The first two years, from 2009 to 2011, the Obama administration and the 110th Democratic congress ignored the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Both the President and Congress refused to recognize the second minority party seated in congress; Republicans. As far as the Obama administration and the Democratic congress are concerned, there is no tenth amendment guaranteeing states’ rights. The Obama administration and the 110th Congress have done their best to strip all authority from the states and the people in violation of the tenth amendment. This is an example of evolution changing the flow of a seemingly well organized government. The shift from a constitutional government to a socialist oriented government started in 1933 with the inauguration of Franklyn D. Roosevelt. Socialism been slowly and methodically creeping forward ever since. The past 77 years have brought some dark spots for America, most of them in our foreign policies and how we’ve treated other less prosperous nations. The countries politicians deemed third world nations, Banana Republics, in which arrogant politicians become victims of evolution. 2008 and 2012 will surely be a cleansing time in American politics for those arrogant politician.

There’s a simple solution to all the turmoil in the Middle East. It’s called “Drill Baby Drill”. The Obama administration could make an agreement with the Oil Companies guaranteeing them a 10 year moratorium on shutting down any well sites for their cooperation in maxing oil prices at $ 48. [A barrel], a dollar a gallon for crude and let America who has abundant oil reserves supply the world for a while. That would dry up the money markets of the Middle East put OPEC out of business and give the Muslim world something to think about. Can this happen yes, will it happen no, there isn’t a chance Obama will turn of his Muslim brothers and sisters. However it could make a very good campaign issue for the next Republicans candidate for president.

Obama may not be Muslim but he is a sympathizer for most things Muslim and he’s very anti White America. Ethnics in America do better economically than anywhere in the world. The problem seems to be their mental evolutionary process hasn’t caught up with their economic standards. That’s because their liberal masters the Ivy League elitists keep knocking them down. The only parts of Obama that’s black are the parts that show, the rest of him is as white as his Ivy League buddies. Obama’s paternal brothers and sisters who still live in Africa are at the poverty end of humanity and Obama ignores them. No one knows how many siblings there are it’s been suggested his father Obama Sr. planted his seed all over the continent of Africa. The ones we know about are dirt poor and it looks like they’ll stay that way if their counting on brother Obama for a hand up.

Many of us knew there was a break in the evolution chain the day Barack Obama was elected president. His entire history reads like Alice in Wonderland. There was and is nothing substantive about Barack Obama that qualifies him to be president of the United States of America. His entire history what little there is seems to be a fabrication that defies verification. No one seems to be coming forward saying they knew Barack Obama [aka] Berry Dunham when. Barack Obama is in fact a fabrication of the Chicago political machine and the mainstream liberal media. The liberal media spent their time chasing unfounded rumors and innuendo about Sarah Palin and missed the real issues of whom and what the real presidential candidate Barack Obama was and is? Now after two years of failures the mainstream media is finally asking some serious questions, only MSNBC and Chris Matthews are hanging on to a sliver of hope that Obama may in fact be the new Messiah.

The natural order of evolution surpasses mans political ambitions and for all those who have gone before Barack Obama and is loyal cohorts and failed we can look forward to his failing as well. No individual or no ideology is greater than Gods plan for the earth and the universe, man is simply the renter God is the landlord.

Perhaps this isn’t relevant to evolution but I’ve not seen in my lifetime the despicable behavior we’ve seen coming from the left since these union inspired protests began. Cowardly Democratic congress persons have fled the states of Texas, Wisconsin and Indiana rather than standing up for what they believe and acting like elected representatives are supposed to act. Those AWOL congress persons should be recalled or at least censured for their cowardly behavior. If they didn’t have the stomach for a good fight they shouldn’t have run for the position. The behavior of these runaway congress persons is unacceptable.

America will survive the Obama administration as we’ve survived others in the past. The scars will heal and life will get back to normal as it always has. Thank God for the wisdom of the founding fathers who foresaw future Obama’s.


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