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March 11, 2011

To Save America, We Must Dethrone King Obama

Filed under: Politics In General - 11 Mar 2011

Incredibly, Obama continues to boldly go where no other president has gone before. Apparently, none of the rules apply to him. Without consequence, at will, Obama ignores laws and the Constitution to implement his progressive/socialist agenda.

Utah Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants Sparks National Outcry

Filed under: Immigration - 11 Mar 2011

A massive public backlash is brewing against the Utah Legislature as Americans in other states learn that Utah is attempting ignore existing Federal laws passed by Congress to become the nations first official ‘Sanctuary State’ offering Amnesty to illegal aliens …

How Progressive Education and Bad Philosophy Corrupted The People & Undermined The Constitution of The United States

Throughout human history, the prevailing belief system changes from time to time & place to place;  most people unthinkingly absorb whatever happens to be the prevailing dogma of their time & place. Here, I will show the radical differences between …

Murdered border agent brought beanbag to a gunfight

Filed under: Featured Conservative,In The News - 11 Mar 2011

In a story that is creating a firestorm in the United States, a policy requiring U.S. Border Patrol agents to use non-lethal bean bags as an initial weapon may have led to the murder of a decorated federal agent who …