Utah Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants Sparks National Outcry


A massive public backlash is brewing against the Utah Legislature as Americans in other states learn that Utah is attempting ignore existing Federal laws passed by Congress to become the nations first official ‘Sanctuary State’ offering Amnesty to illegal aliens via a Guest Worker Program.

“We are encouraging Americans from all states to contact Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert to ask him to veto this Amnesty for illegal aliens,” said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. “It is outrageous that any lone state would attempt to pass radical amnesty legislation that has been rejected by Congress and a majority of Americans again and again!”

A historic number of states are rushing to implement existing Federal laws regarding immigration enforcement following historic legislation from Arizona (SB 1070) in 2010!

The ‘Utah Solution’ to illegal immigration promises enforcement but then destroys any immigration enforcement credibility by allowing most existing illegal aliens a pass and pathway to voting rights. If illegal aliens become voters in American elections, all future immigration and border enforcement will cease.

“The illegal aliens will not like the enforcement provisions in this bill and Americans like us do not like the Guest Worker Amnesty provision in this bill,” said William Gheen. “Utah’s legislature has angered all sides of the debate and passed a bill that could be the amnesty dominoes that destroys America’s borders forever.”

If Gary R. Herbert will veto HB 116, America’s existing immigration laws passed by elected members of the US Congress will be protected.

If Governor Herbert signs HB 116 into law, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC plans to launch a national boycott of Utah and call for Utah to lose all Federal tax funding until the unconstitutional Amnesty for illegal aliens is halted.

For more information please visit www.ALIPAC.us

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