America Could Be The New King Of Oil

By: Ken Hughes

America has the capabilities of becoming the world’s largest oil producer, America has raw product in abundance. All it would take is removing the politics and a sincere effort on the part of the government to do the right thing for once.

Oil is as essential to man’s existence on this earth as sunshine and water. There isn’t anything on this planet that doesn’t at some point come in contact with a petrochemical product. There simply aren’t enough organic substitutes to replace all petroleum products. There comes a time when we must set aside our biases and believe there is a God and He / She has a pretty dammed good idea of what they’re doing. It’s time to question the reliability of those zealots who preach global warming is a man made phenomena. Global warming has gone from a questionable theory to a cottage industry being milked by charlatans.

The Obama administration or the administration that will replace his in 2013 could make an agreement with all private sector oil companies, [no nationalized oil companies need apply] to drill anywhere in America within reason and sell their product on the world market. The federal government would forgo any tax on crude oil products for a period of twenty-five years leaving taxing to the individual states to benefit from as they see fit. The federal government would benefit tax wise from the billions of dollars collected in manufactured and refined product sales.

Petroleum products would have to be removed from the daily commodities markets in order to remove the pricing from market speculation. In order to participate, the drilling companies would have to agree to a base price of one dollar a gallon [$ 48.00 dollars a barrel] for crude oil at the well head. Any increases would be agreed to bases on general inflation worldwide. It isn’t the oil producers benefiting from the high prices of crude oil it’s the financial speculators, or as most of us like to call them The Wall Street Boys, [and Girls].

This kind of an arrangement would send a message to the current producers of oil and to OPEC, the Gravy Train ran off the track and won’t be coming back anytime soon. Tensions in the oil producing nations in the Middle East are not because that the west is stealing their national resource, but rather how the citizens can best share in the windfall profits. They see educated foreigners coming in taking well paying jobs only the elite of their tribe are allowed to participate in. We can’t fault the peasants we must fault the tribes leaders and the westerners of enable them. A forced humility would go a long way towards reeducating the Arab world how to go along to get along.

In order to succeed this proposal must be kept out of the hands of congress. Congress can make a loser out of a one horse race. It should be created and managed by an independent commission of product knowledgeable people [sans] all politicians.

I’m sure this sounds like Apple Pie, Granny loves you and Kumbaya all rolled into one. There’s been 50 years of politicking around the energy situation than hasn’t worked. Obama’s electric cars are a stupid idea that won’t work because there’s no supporting infrastructure. My proposal has an infrastructure and enough latitude so as not to curtail technological advancements. The Obama either or approach isn’t in the peoples best interests, what’s needed are more ideas coming from where good ideas have always come, from We the People.

Having spent a life time dealing in new unproven ideas I can hear the skeptics tearing my proposal apart. I can also hear those three men in the back of the room putting their heads together saying this idea has merit with a little tweaking here and there we can make this work, their names are Benjamin Franklyn, Henry Ford and Thomas Alva Edison.

Ideas not worth trying never workout, those worth the long shot are usually the things society is built on.


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