Enough of the Victimhood Nonsense

By: Craig Chamberlain

One of the articles of faith of modern day liberalism is that the world is divided up into two classes. There are the oppressors and the victims. If you’re a white male, you’re an oppressor. If you’re something else then you are a victim. They nurture this culture of victim-hood to create a mindset of grievance. The theory goes that if the “victims” are angry they will feel alienated from society at large and will support the group that panders to them, and promises to right the wrongs. Sadly almost everyone has bought into this twaddle. The thinking is so pervasive that to even question the orthodoxy is a dangerous thing to do.

Take Congressmen Kings hearings on radical Islam. Instead of being open and honest about the pathologies in Muslim culture, and that the main spokesmen for their religion are nothing more than common thugs, they start simpering and playing the victim card. They whine about how they’re being persecuted, singled out, and threatened. Someone should tell these cry babies that it is much better to be a Muslim in the United States of America than it is to be a Christian in, say, Egypt. The Muslims know how to play their role well. Cry about mistreatment at the hands of wicked white people to ignore the real atrocities that occur all the time in the Muslim world, at the hands of Muslims.

Let’s be perfectly clear, Muslims are not victims. Not in this country. Not in any country. In this country they are a privileged minority that the elites bend over backwards to accommodate. We are endlessly told that Islam is a religion of peace, with no hostile intentions, even when all the evidence points to the contrary. We won’t call Muslim terrorists, terrorists, for fear of offending them. We force school children to learn all about Islam while keeping them isolated from contact with any other religion. In Europe the Muslim populations are so belligerent that most European cities have areas that are off limits to non Muslims, it’s just not safe enough. Give them another thirty years and they’ll probably have Eurabia. And in countries that they already control their power is so absolute that to question it is a death sentence.

Muslims are often the violators. In Muslim countries they can kill, rape, steal, destroy property, and basically treat non Muslims as slaves. And they have the gall to whine about Congresses legitimate investigation into radical activities in this country? When you preach violence and the rights of the Muslim population to be the Lord and Master of the non Muslim population I think I’m not going out on a limb here to say that most Americans are OK with an investigation into radical infiltration in this country. How can a group so pandered to, so powerful, be victims? To hear the weeping Keith Ellison (D-MN) tell it we’re just one step away from Jim Crow laws for America’s Muslim population.

Let’s look at the situation honestly. There are far more crimes against Jews in this country, and in Europe(and that’s a disgrace in 2011) than there are against Muslims. Let’s leave aside the fact that many of those crimes are perpetrated by Muslims, they are still a relatively unmolested group. You’re more likely to face harassment for being Jewish, or Mormon, than you are for being Muslim. And until they start treating the non Muslims in their countries like human beings I don’t think that they have too much right to complain about Americans being worried about Muslim fascists.

Ask the Christian population of Egypt and how the revolution is giving them more freedom. The Christian population of Iraq has largely fled the country, the city of Bethlehem used to be a mostly Christian city, today only 3% of the cities population is Christian. Lebanon used to have a majority Christian population, today they only make up about 1/3 of the population. Then there is the rabid antisemitism of the Muslim world. Prior to 1948 most Arab nations had rather large Jewish populations. Today most of those countries have no Jews in them at all. Who’s the real victim here?

There are Muslims in the American Congress, the American military, professional sports, and academia. Can we say the same thing about non Muslims in Muslim countries? How many non Muslims sit in a parliament in a Muslim country. How many non Muslims are allowed to attend university in a Muslim country? How many non Muslims even have basic legal rights?

The Muslim population is not the target of persecution, they are not victims. They need to cut the charade and quit whining. This is not a witch hunt, this is about national security, and as long as Muslims ignore the pathologies of their culture the American people have the right to be concerned.

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