Who The Hay Is Baxter Black

By: Ken Hughes

Harry Reid, in an attempt to discredit Republicans in the house, invoked the name of Baxter Black as being a victim of the current attempts at reducing the national deficit. Dr. Baxter Black is a former Veterinarian who after several years of talking to the animals, crossed over to the dark side and became an entertainer of sorts. Baxter Black organized a group of rhythmically talented men into a group he calls Cowboy poets. Cowboy poetry depending on your perception is either western philosophy personified or Hill Billy Rap without the violence. Cowboy poetry is the holy grail of the Rodeo crowd and the horsy people. Cowboy poetry has deep meaning and for many it’s a narrative of the times.

The new conservative house is contemplating ways to bring government spending under control. One of the suggestions has been dropping funding for the Endowment for the Arts, PBS and NPR, the three endowments that drop a few bucks on Baxter Black throughout the year. Once a year Baxter Black holds a get together for his Cowboy poet group, usually somewhere in Harry Reid’s home state of Nevada. They all get together and entertain each other and anyone else who happens to show up. I happen to like Cowboy poetry. My late brother Barbwire Bob was a de facto member of the Baxter Black group. These Cowboy poets will never go down in the annals of history as great orators, but they will always be remembered by the working Cowboys throughout the west. They won’t need a government grant to make that happen.

I doubt Baxter Black ever gave much thought to the real cost of that grant he gets from the government by way of some do good organization. The Endowment for the Arts sounds like something no one could object to. Few realize besides Baxter Black’s group they’re funding the desecration of the flag, Christianity, mom and apple pie.

In the past fifty years the liberalism of America has become a cancer that’s well on the way to killing the world’s greatest society. The really great thing about America is everyone has a right to be less than their expectations. No one is pigeon holed for their inability to reach the top of the mountain. That’s what Cowboy poetry is about. It tells the story of mediocrity with a flare of realism. Cowboy poetry says it’s OK to be average. Harry Reid is trying to take it where it doesn’t belong.

I’ve been a fan of Baxter Blacks for years, He’s a cartoon character who could have been a stand in for Yosemite Sam; the voice, the mustache and all. I was never concerned with his politics. Even now I don’t know what they are nor do I care. He’s entertaining and that’s what counts these days. I’ve had the opportunity to listen to several Cowboy poets over the years and although none will ever make it on American Idol, their message has been clear; “Become a concerned American or get the hell out of the way”. The Cowboy poets don’t say everyone has to have the same degree of patriotism they do say their patriotism can’t be messed with.

America is facing the most crucial time in its history and still congress fights over semantics. The time’s come for elected officials who realize it’s not about politics any longer; it’s about the survival of the nation. I can’t help but think Baxter Black and his group of poets wouldn’t be more than willing to forgo the government money if it meant digging the country out of the hole it’s in if only with a few dollars. There are hundreds of Baxter Blacks and Barbwire Bobs who can’t understand why congresses solution to the enormous deficit is higher taxes rather than cutting spending.

If the Obama administration thought they got a shellacking in 2010, in 2012 the whole farm is going to get a clear coat. 2010 was only an example of things to come. Voters have had it with the pick pockets they’ve elected to represent them. When it was only the loose change they went after it was tolerable. Now that the politicians are reaching into the wallets of the voters, stealing their credit cards, that’s unacceptable. If the public is expected to live within their means, why not the government? Are all those duplicated departments and duplicated programs really necessary? Are there really as many people in need as the government claims or are they just there because that’s where the easy money is?

I would like to take a moment to talk about my brother, Barbwire Bob. He was a poet, artist and a top hand around a ranch. If it had anything to do with livestock Bob knew how to do it. His art was never considered spectacular, but it was more than acceptable. His poetry had an amateurish honesty only found in the works of those who believe deeply in what they say and write. I didn’t have the opportunity to know my brother as well as I would have liked. When I was ten, the family of seven children split up and we each went our separate ways. Bob stayed on the ranch with our dad and aside from a few years in the Marine Corp he didn’t stray far from home. Barbwire Bob was a story teller and though he didn’t commit any of his stories to paper, some can still recall his wisdom and frivolity 20 years after his demise. There’s no question Barbwire Bob will be remembered for many years to come. We should all be that well regarded.

I would suggest to Harry Reid he should worry more about the debt Congress is leaving for our grandchildren than how Baxter Black will find the where with all to perform for his friends and bring fame and fortune to Nevada. It’s called prioritizing Senator Reid.


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