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March 17, 2011

Congress, The Village Idiots

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That’s a pretty bold statement to make until we look at some of their arguments for not resolving the enormous debt congress has racked up over the years. Harry Reid wants to subsidize Cowboys. Chuck Schumer wants to subsidies …

Somali prime minister claims U.N. promises help fighting Al-Shabaab, pirates

Somalia’s Prime Minister, Mohammed Abdullahi Mohammed announced yesterday that he has been promised United Nations support in his government’s ongoing battle with terrorist group Al Shabaab and the marauding Somali pirates.

“Greece” is the word in Madison

In mid-February, political turmoil crashed up on the shores of Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin and surged all the way to the capitol grounds. Last year, when protesters raised havoc in Greece over budgetary austerity measures, some pundits said the …