Congress, The Village Idiots

By: Ken Hughes

That’s a pretty bold statement to make until we look at some of their arguments for not resolving the enormous debt congress has racked up over the years. Harry Reid wants to subsidize Cowboys. Chuck Schumer wants to subsidies everyone but Cowboys. The rest of the Democrats in congress don’t care who gets subsidized as long as it’s someone. Subsidies are the mother milk of politics. Government can’t exist without them. If government isn’t there to pander to special interests and the preferred class then what good is it? This seems to be the attitude of most congressional Democrats. Tax and spend is in their blood and even the threat of not being reelected can’t seem to get it out. Either that or they’re totally ambivalent to the world outside of Washington. Congress men and women were once our next door neighbors. There’s that old saying “You can take the Congressman out of his / her district but their district will still know who he / she is”. If that isn’t an old adage it should be!

The battle to control spending and budgets, to get school districts, municipalities, states and the federal government back on sound footing, is something that should have been done 50 years ago. The best of presidents looked into the future and saw great things borrowed money could buy not thinking beyond their short time in office. If they got America to the top of the next mountain that would be time enough to start paying on the national debt. The problem with that was before America reached the top of the mountain a new president was elected and the spending spree started all over. Presidents have always been blamed for the nation’s debts. Without the approval of Congress, presidents can’t do much. President request and Congress acts. President Obama has gone further outside of the Constitution, spending the nation’s money more than any president in history. That’s about to come to a halt.

The chances of Barack Obama being a two term president and Democrats controlling either house of Congress after 2012 become slimmer by the day. In 1860 congress became so corrupt and one party had such a strangle hold on the nations politics, a new Republican party was formed and won the Presidency and Congress in short order. New political parties are able to do this because they have the support of the voters. Even though the Tea Party has repeatedly said they have no intention of becoming a third political party they may have no choice. If in 2012 things don’t change and a new mentality doesn’t take hold in Washington, the Tea Party may be forced to become the new Republican Party of 1860.

Today, unlike days gone by, the public has more information available to them than they can absorb. There was a time when newspapers, then radio and later television were the public’s only connection to any politics aside from the old men on the front porches of country stores discussing events. From local to national, there was a limited and biased flow of information. Then the internet, talk radio and cable television came into the picture and sources for information were all around us; even more than people could handle. The political biases remained, but now they were equally divided between right and left.

In the past 30 years or so the internet has provided an avenue of communication for the average person if they so desire. Presidents, Congress and the media can no longer hide behind anonymity of protected speech as reported by a bias liberal media. It’s all out there in cyberspace for anyone with the curiosity of a 10 year old to reach up, grab it and run with it. Political anonymity has the lifespan of a sand flea. The eyes and ears of cyberspace are everywhere. Usually it’s those who the politician trusts most who are the ones spilling the beans. I think it was Harry Truman who said “If you are in Washington and want someone around you can trust, get a dog”.

The results of the 2010 midterm congressional elections rocked Democrats off their feet. Democrats had convinced themselves they were invincible. They had convinced themselves the Tea Party was a toothless tiger no one could possibly support. The Democrats primary target in 2010 was making sure Sarah Palin didn’t gain any momentum as a presidential candidate for 2012. So far they haven’t changed strategy much except they’ve expanded their hatred for everything conservative to the entire field of Republicans, especially the new freshmen Tea Party congress people who seem to be having a very profound say in how things are going to roll in the future. Obama and his Democratic ilk can pontificate till the swallows come back to Capistrano. But if the job situation doesn’t improve substantially and the defect doesn’t come down by November 2012, Obama’s Thanksgiving dinner will be a well cooked Goose.

Nearly every day some well positioned Democrat makes some foolish statement even the mainstream media takes apart. There’s beginning to be more idiots in Congress than Harry Reid and Joe Biden, I know Joe is Vice President but he’s also serves as President of the Senate. Democrats are totally off their mark, and if they don’t get back on soon they are going to think they’ve been hit by a tsunami. Fifty years of playing Three Card Monty with the vot ers money is enough. The most prolific Con-Men in America are our own Congress man and women. They continually lie, cheat and steal all day and sleep like baby’s at night.

For the past fifty years Congress has had their way in legislating how society should work. It hasn’t worked. Every year, the elements that make the nation work seem to decrease the advantage of citizens and seem to increase the advantage of elected politicians. It seems obvious we have too much government with far too many people living out of the taxpayers pocket books. It’s time the taxpaying public received a break for a change. There are a thousand way of conserving without throwing anyone under the bus. All that is needed is for men and women in congress willing to bit the bullet and do the right things.

With a few more honest conservatives elected to congress the wind of change will blow in the public’s favor.


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