Conflict Between ALIPAC and Utah Senator Orrin Hatch Escalates


The war of words over Utah’s attempt to become the first state in American history to pass a state level form of Amnesty for illegal aliens has escalated this week, as Americans for Legal Immigration PAC responds to Senator Orrin Hatch’s open letter accusing the group of distorting his record.

On Friday, Hatch asked ALIPAC to stop informing thousands of Utah residents that he supports HB 116 which Governor Herbert is considering signing or vetoing soon. Hatch claims that he is against Amnesty for illegal aliens, but not against Amnesty bill HB 116.

“The highly coordinated efforts to overcome America using an army of illegal immigrants is now attempting to pass the same Amnesty plans that failed in DC in states like Utah,” said William Gheen. “The 70% of Americans who oppose these plans have stopped them in Washington but now they are trying to get the dominoes falling in states like Utah. Utah’s HB 116 is the same kind of Amnesty bill Senator Hatch has supported in Washington and our sources on the ground tell us he is involved.”

ALIPAC is answering Senator Hatch’s open letter today with another open letter that points out that GOP delegates are being asked to retire both Senator Hatch and Governor Herbert, in response to these coordinated efforts to circumvent the Constitution, existing federal laws, and the will of the American public to pass Amnesty for illegal aliens.

ALIPAC’s letter points out that Hatch has a very low grade of D+ at due to his support for Amnesty for illegals and hyper levels of legal immigration. The letter also enumerates Hatch’s Yes votes on Amnesty bills 2611, 1348, and 2205.

ALIPAC is calling on Utah GOP delegates to oust Orrin Hatch and Gary Herbert like they removed Amnesty supporting US Senator Bob Bennet.

ALIPAC is planning on communicating directly with Utah Voters via mass phone and direct mail contact if HB 116 is passed into law.

“Senator Orrin Hatch and many other groups and personalities want to avoid the public backlash over HB 116,” said William Gheen. “We plan to tell the American public exactly who supported this Amnesty push in Utah and Senator Hatch’s name will be front and center on that list.”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is one of America’s largest grass roots organizations fighting against illegal immigration and Amnesty. ALIPAC is currently endorsing and supporting more than 130 members of Congress and trying to pass improved versions of Arizona’s historic immigration enforcement bill in many states.

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