Who Wasn’t Listening In 2010

By: Ken Hughes

Playing political parlor games wasn’t what the 2010 elections were all about. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell seem to be leading Republicans down the same old road Congress has been traveling for years. The next national elections are twenty months away and you can bet your grandchildren’s future a lot of congress persons from both parties will be ousted if they don’t start paying attention to what the public is saying. If Congress doesn’t have what it takes to get the job of cutting and spending done without raising taxes, then they should seek employment elsewhere.

Democrats failed to pass a 2011 budget setting Republicans up for what the Democrats thought would be a repeat of the Clinton / Gingrich compromise where Democrats could accuse Republicans of all sorts of despicable things and have them bend like a wilted lily. None of today’s Democrats has the charisma to pull off a stunt like that again. That took chutzpa only Bill Clinton had. The Rock Stars of Congress today are the Tea Party freshman; they aren’t likely to follow the old tried and not so true ways of congress.

Shutting down the government is a ruse. Supposedly they shut down all but essential services. Who in the government these days is going to admit they aren’t essential? That would be the kiss of death for about fifty percent of bureaucrats, departments and programs in Washington. Neither party has thought this thing through to meet the public’s perception. The only people who are on top of this are the new congress men and women who have Tea Party backing. If they have the Tea Party with them they don’t need the support of national political parties to prevail.

Rush Limbaugh suggested the Tea Party could become a third political party if the Republican establishment ignores these new congress persons. That isn’t necessarily a good idea. It’s possible to run and win a seat in Congress as an Independent. Anyone committed to a cause doesn’t need a party behind them. They have the voters [aka] the Tea Party Movement at their backs. Yesterday is gone, today is somewhat questionable, and tomorrow is a new day with new political objectives. Let the establishment burn and learn.

The shift in American politics isn’t from Democrat to Republican, it’s from Liberal to Conservative. It’s going to be up to the national political parties to choose their future. Politics as it’s been practiced in Washington for decades is over, voters have awakened and are getting involved. Anyone running for political office from either party from village representative to President of the United States who doesn’t acknowledge the Tea Party Movement as a major moving force is fighting an uphill battle. In 2010 when the Tea Party supporters were demonstrating, the left was never able to prove any of their allegations of radicalism, racism as hard as they tried. The left is proving their bias and lack of civility with every protest. These things don’t go unnoticed by the general public. The public has to decide who they want representing them; clear thinking, rational individuals such as conservatives or radical bigots who scream holler and threaten, the liberalized union zealots.

The Madison Wisconsin protests weren’t about teachers or their grievances. They were about who has the power over government decision making; unions or elected officials. Private sector union membership is at its lowest point in over fifty years. Unions are like a worm cut one in half and it doesn’t kill it. What you get is two live worms. The unions, in order to survive, made a deal with the devil and moved over to the public sector where the grazing was easy. It’s easier to bribe a politician than to threaten a man who needs a job in order to maintain a family.

When union demands on the private sector get excessive, business have the option of crossing borders. Jobs go away, not the demand for products. When the world needs a mouse trap they really don’t care by who or where it was made. They’ll buy any old mouse trap that’s available and gets rid of the rats. The jack-boot tactics of the 1930s union thugs will not prevail with today’s informed public. Unions putting out what amounts to a fatwa on a popularly elected governor of any state isn’t going to set well with the public. After the Arizona shooting Obama called for a new civility, for toning down the hostility. It didn’t happen even in his own comments. What is it about liberalism that brings out the worst in people?

Without realizing it, the Tea Party has adapted one of Teddy Roosevelt’s more popular principles, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” While the Tea Party speaks softly but firmly and picks up their own trash, the union protesters scream holler make a mess and leave the trash for unionized trash collectors to deal with.

There was an article on one of the internet blogs explaining how one of the trade unions went to homeless shelters to recruit picket marchers because their union members were all gainfully employed on other functioning jobs. Trade union members are notorious for taking non-union side jobs during strikes and leaving the picketing to the minimum wage, non-union crowd. At least when the Tea Party assembles it’s you and me and the neighbor next door not a single person is paid for their appearances. If teachers had been doing their jobs over the past half century the public would understand it was self motivation and dedication to principles, not a union membership, that made America what it was until a few years ago. Ask any teacher today to give a brief on Concord, Bunker Hill, Appomattox or the Alamo and most won’t have a clue what you’re asking for.

America is turning around thanks to the Internet, Talk Radio, Cable Television and the Tea Party Movement. It isn’t going to happen overnight but it will happen slowly but surely. And when it does it will be a better America than it’s ever been. Gods greatest experiment can’t be distorted by man’s greed and indifference to the principles the nation was founded on.


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