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March 21, 2011

Obama – Confronting The Killing Culture In Palestine

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The brutal murder of five members of the Fogel family including three children aged 11, 4 and 3 months – whilst asleep in their house – could only elicit the following pathetic response from President Obama:

Ex-Rad, the U.S. Military’s Radiation Wonder Drug

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By Van Hipp

These are tragic and tense days indeed in Japan.

The immense loss of life and absolute devastation caused by last week’s earthquake and tsunami is heartbreaking – and serve as the culprits in this unimaginable tragedy. The tension, felt …

Crude Oil 101

These years of disastrous Socialistic American leadership initiated and endorsed by our President, Barack Hussein Obama. “The Chosen One” and his merry band of Marxist idolizing Progressives who impose their social dominance have been a virtual nightmare. These hand picked …