Crude Oil 101

By: William P. Frasca

These years of disastrous Socialistic American leadership initiated and endorsed by our President, Barack Hussein Obama. “The Chosen One” and his merry band of Marxist idolizing Progressives who impose their social dominance have been a virtual nightmare. These hand picked imbeciles and association of Liberal/Progressive attitude and viewpoints that were forced upon us have been a scandalous humiliation to our Constitution. These radical bigots, during their short brief time of ultimate leadership, were dancing in the halls of Congress.

Anyone believing in the Conservative, Libertarian principles and ideologies of less government intervention, less expenditures and taxes, with the big eyes of big brother slowly manipulating our daily lives, were given their walking papers and told to genuflect to the false idol of the Obama Doctrine.

The American people were resilient and determined not to allow their voices be muted with an arrogance of impolite mockery, ignoring their wishes and wills to remain unfulfilled. The American cause of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, together with Capitalism prevailed in overcoming the historic victory in the Republican takeover of the House of Representative, hopefully giving it back to the people. This obviously placed a huge speed bump the Obama steamroller of total complete authority.

Even with the past election results which was a catastrophe toward his plan, of a complete Socialist America, a snake oil salesman will also find an alternative to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. He just changed his map using a different route, with the same destination in mind. An example of this is referring to his energy policies, concerning oil, in which there are none.

He has the audacity, in using his own words, of announcing to the American people that we are producing more oil in the United States than we have in decades, yet he failed to acknowledge his own moratorium on drilling in the Gulf. He also has a clear case of amnesia, when it comes to new drillings on American soil.

How can one inept clueless individual, who demonstrated a multitude of massive failures, in his short time as leader of the free world, has no shame but to repeatedly and relentlessly pat himself on the back, expressing his shinny unmatched vanity and conceit to his subjects and to the world.

His ultimate inaccuracies of selecting his hand picked incompetent appointments, were either so strategic that he wanted to collapse his enhanced agenda or did he show his leadership malfunctions?

Rumors have been spreading, whether they are true or not offering more credit for his questionable intelligence? This elevates him to a higher degree of incompetence and Illogical common sense in his relationship to our present day gas crisis. Does he actually enjoy witnessing to rise in fuel oil? Is this actually falling right into his plan of forcing Americans to yield, driving less, while begging for alternative solutions, his solutions?

Unless you live under a rock and use a bicycle or walk everywhere, the price of this fuel has reach epidemic proportion, which is increasing everyday. He has the unique ability to sit on his hands accomplish nothing, authorize another working vacation. While the liberal media still blames George W. Bush, and elatedly praises his ineffective lack of abilities.

As we are well aware the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats have no desire to have us totally independent upon foreign oil. Their agenda is to use other forms of energy producing technology to solve our blight. This process is a very slow and complicated procedure, in which is not feasible with our present day consumption of essential energy usage. We must attempt new alternatives, but while these are developing we must not leave America vulnerable or subservient to doubtful, dubious nations. We have the coal, we have the natural gas, and we have the oil, drill baby drill.

The price of Natural gas has been stabilized because we produce all we need in this Country, independent from the world, the same with coal, but crude oil we are held captives, why? Are the Liberals so intense to see this Country fall, with high inflation and unemployment, leaving the American people beholding to the mercy of the Government, or a foreign dictator instead of a free Nation under God.

They have placed numerous manufactured bogus detours and roadblocks, throughout the years, using environmental issues, browbeating the Republican Party and the American people. They even went as far as limiting and placing additional barriers on the production of coal. Don’t forget Cap and Trade?

The Republicans when given the power by the American people, during portions of the Bush Administration, were intimidated by the Democrats. The Conservatives could have accomplished so much, making America strong that we wouldn’t find ourselves in most of these calamities we are in now experiencing, maybe even with different results in the Obama Presidential election.

Our boarders should have been secured, but the Republicans were manipulated once again by the Democrats as being insensitive, racist and prejudice. They were so afraid of being Politically Correct and wanted to wine and dine the Hispanic vote and electorate, they obviously lost it all. They selfishly sold their souls, compromised the American people and our National Security, for a chance of receiving fools gold. The fence was just a smoke in mirrors attempt to pacify their base while yielding to the Democrats demands.

We later found out that recently former President George W. Bush, (with his own words) had the same principles as this Administration, with a liberal open door policy and allowing the illegal aliens to stay, a form of amnesty. Sometime we are stuck between a rock and a hard place in determining the ideologies of our candidates. Sometimes we elect and place in power, Republican in Democratic Sheep’s clothing, disguised with a Marti Graw mask.

Can we trust anyone? Vote the bums out, and show them whose boss?

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