It Could Be Worse Obama Could Be Thinking

By: Ken Hughes

For those who are complaining about Obama’s conduct these days, feel blessed; he could be trying to act presidential. Then where would the country be? Barack Obama isn’t the first president to become totally frustrated when things went beyond their comprehension. Few have been as blatantly obtuse as Obama. Since they were as incapable of decision making as Obama in many cases that’s proven to be a gift from God. Obama knows he’s in a checkmate position. Rather than study the board to contemplate a positive move, he’s off to Rio and Carnival. Obama knows he has twenty months to sink or swim. While his handlers are studying the tea leaves, why not have a little fun with the wife and kids? The Rio Carnival may be over but in Rio the music keeps on playing and the party keeps on going for weeks. Rio is Obama’s kind of town, party time 24/7.

Most executives I’ve known use their commute time between the office and home to plan and reflect. Maybe the distance between the oval office and the living quarters in the Whitehouse isn’t long enough to give Obama time to think. Then there’s the golf course. But playing eighteen holes, pontificating and posturing for the media again doesn’t give much time to seriously consider the state of the nation and the world. Poor Obama, he was born with a Welfare Foot in his mouth and he’s never been able to shed it. Paraphrasing the former Liberal Governor of Texas Ann Richards.

From birth Obama has relied on government as his decision maker. Now that he is the government there is no one there to do the heavy lifting for him. True he has more advisors than the Pope but no one to point the finger of blame at him when things don’t go right. During his brief stint as a state legislator and his partial term as a US Senator, Obama has been able to point an accusing finger and say George did it . Obama’s ineptness is showing up. He doesn’t know how to cover it up and his advisors are turning on him with a polite excuse they have family commitments that are more pressing. Yah ri—ght.

We must face the fact the president is at a loss what to do and his ego is such that he can’t admit he’s on the wrong path to recovering any momentum. Obama doesn’t have any idea how the country’s monetary system works. He thinks if the Fed prints money, that’s all there is to it. Any student of Marx / Lenin who attended public school and Ivy League Universities knows that’s how it works; print and spend, print and spend. The day of reckoning has arrived. Obama is on the golf course and he isn’t here to greet it. It seems the new Whitehouse motto is, “I’ll get back to you”. A person should have more on their resume than I graduated from Harvard, Princeton or Yale as a qualification to advise any president. Former [also ran] Senator Chris Dodd field tested golf courses and clubhouse cantinas in the Dominican Republic for the Peace Corp. That’s at least one resume step beyond Obama.

I’m sure in his day, had he have qualified, John Lennon would have made a viable candidate for President. Sometimes the public just gives up of politics and goes for any Rock Star image that happens to have charisma and a message of hope and change. Even Bill Clinton, the rockingest rock star of all, had something to offer aside from giving up at the first signs of real trouble on the home front. Bill Clinton became an American Icon because he accepted impeachment with dignity and a certain grace. Criticism and Obama are like oil and water; the two will never mix. Not as long as there’s a “George did it” left in him.

As proof democracy doesn’t always fall from above, tomorrow the Egyptian people will vote on a new constitution giving real power to the people. One might ask how could they accomplish this and not have had the benefit of an Obama counseling. I would suggest because they didn’t have Obama to listen to that the new constitution may have some real meaning. The Egyptians new constitution is coming from the people not unlike the Tea Party in America. Thomas Jefferson said, ” when the people fear the government it’s tyranny, when the government fears the people its liberty.” This was proven to be true in America in 1776 and again in Egypt in 2011. Obama is treating these Arab uprisings about the same as he views March Madness. He chooses his winners and predicts the losers then sits back to watch. When one of his selections is losing he changes the game by getting the interested parties to change the rules. As president he thinks he can do that.

For the first time in thousands of years the Arab people are rising up to demand more personal freedoms from their leaders and the Obama administration play parlor games with their efforts. One of the first foreign engagements the young country of America was involved in was against the Barbary Pirates in Tripoli in the early 1800s. That was the beginning of America extending a helping hand to the oppressed people of the world. More often than not America is criticized for getting involved. In nearly every case the persons who have the boot on their necks are better off after America shows up. Ronald Reagan’s statement “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall” was responsible for half of Europe gaining it’s freedom and in addition has made Mr. Gorbachev a part time American resident with a foundation in San Francisco. There something about America that Mr. Obama doesn’t get. My question to Obama is where does he find it better than here?

As a rehabilitated expatriate who’s been on five continents and visited twenty seven countries, I have yet to find anything that compares favorably with America. It makes me wonder where Mr. Obama is looking that he finds parts of the rest of the world superior to America. Perhaps it’s because Obama’s standards are so low.


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