Obama the Community Organizer Can’t run for a second term!

By: Guest Authors

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

The last few months have been an absolute disaster for Obama. He just can’t get a break. Now the independents are starting to jump ship. Could it be that Obama will be a one term president? He said he would rather be a great one term president instead of a mediocre 2 term president like President Bush and Clinton.

Maybe he realizes that his first term is a disaster and is nowhere near mediocre. Would Obama be better off if he chooses not to run for re-election? Think about it. He is the first President with African-American blood. He has partied almost every day in office. He will continue to make a fortune after he gets out of office. Why run for another term? But what if he can’t run for another term?

He has had many opportunities to come to the aid of a great deal of people. The rebels in Libya asked for support. And they got bupkis while Gaddafi blew away the rebels. The Iranian rebels asked for help; sorry folks he was busy organizing the global community. And the liberals in Wisconsin asked for his help and they barely received a presidential honorable mention. He was golfing and vacationing.

But would you expect less from a community organizer? The conservative pundits ridiculed this president before he was elected. He had no experience. Heck at 3 AM this dude is sleeping.

A community organizer is a simple image. It’s a lanky man, well dressed and articulate sitting with his legs crossed with a yellow legal pad at his beck and call.

But Obama has a serious problem. There are many states that are lining up to pass some piece of legislature that will demand that any candidates in 2012 will have to show each and every state that the candidate is qualified to run for president. Under the liberal constitution this should be disregarded because Obama by then will have 4 years community service as president before he begins his second term. That alone should qualify him as president.

But under the real constitution, Obama will be forced to prove he was born in this country. He may need to do that for at least 10 states. If Obama decides to run without the electoral votes being up for grabs in those states, he will most definitely lose!

And how will the other states feel if Obama still refuses to prove he is qualified to be President of the United States. There is also the possibility that some “Maverick” congressman will start impeachment proceedings if he decides to run for a second term. You would think that most of the representatives from the 10 states would want to pursue these proceedings further. We all believe that Obama was born in Hawaii. But what is he trying to hide? With this new world based on the freedom of information highway, there are scores of folks who would love to know what is hiding behind door number one.

There is also a bigger problem. Let’s say with all certainty that Obama was born in Hawaii. So far the new governor of Hawaii can’t find his original birth certificate in the State records. He can’t find a birth certificate in the hospital as well. If you look at the hospital website there is no acknowledgement that Obama was born there. No doctor or nurse has come forward who remembers treating Obama or his mom. There was a former state clerk who claimed that there were no birth certificates on file. As a side note you might want to ask on what grounds did the previous Hawaiian administration qualify the then candidate Obama without the original birth certificate being on file? Hawaii is a Democrat State through and through. If a Democrat candidate can stand up most of the time, God bless Ted Kennedy, he is qualified!

It appears for some reason the long form birth certificate was not filed correctly. Odds are that his grandmother was suppose to come back another day to present the actual birth certificate but she only voted present on that day. Let’s say for argument sake that the official birth certificate at the hospital vanished. Not only did the actual record of his birth disappear but all the hospital records as well. For example his mom’s admission and discharge papers went absent. The receipt of payment for the services disappeared. And the discharge papers for Obama just disappeared into thin air. Maybe the parchment paper it was written on just crumbled into fine pieces of dust.

Maybe this was an isolated incident and all the hospital paper work was accidentally shredded in the 1960’s.

So let’s say we all believe that Obama was born in Hawaii. And 10 states pass laws that require Obama to qualify in order to be certified the electoral votes. Now the kicker is he can’t prove it!

Do you see the legal problem here? Let’s say that Obama actually believes he was born in Hawaii but he honestly has no proof. This will become the Florida debacle all over. The legal system will be called in to cut the baby in half. The liberal judges will find some way around the law. And since this is the word of the President of the United States we must believe it. The conservative judges will try to seek the proof. But under the privacy laws, no one will be allowed to uncover the truth. Keep in mind the privacy acts are new laws, but these records date back to the 1960’s. So legally do the privacy laws protect Obama’s secrets?

Bottom line is simple. If Obama runs and can’t qualify after the election, he loses and so do the Democrats. Unless the liberal Courts can turn things around who ever wins the Republican nomination will be the next president!

Can this community organizer take that risk? He will be plagued with this curse for the rest of history. The president who was too busy to qualify and his actions or lack thereof cost the Democrats another shot at the Whitehouse. My bet is this community organizer will settle for one term and one term only. And frankly he will be happy if he can get out of Dodge unscathed by legal consequences!

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