VIDEO: NC Rep Deborah Ross Says Mexicans Are Americans


On Wednesday March 23, 2011, the Judicial Committee in the NC Legislature passed HB 33 which stops government agencies in the state from accepting the worthless Matricula cards that Mexican consulates sell to illegal aliens in America.

Thanks to the fact Republicans now control the NC Legislature for the first time since the Civil War, the bill passed in committee 7-4 with vocal opposition from Democrats Deborah Ross (D-Wake), Bill Faison (D-Orange), and Larry Hall (D-Durham). HB 33 is now headed for a full vote in the NC House.

Please watch and share this video of comments made by Democratic Representative Deborah Ross.

Ross was offended by ALIPAC President William Gheen’s comments that he sought to represent the American side of this debate since Carlos Flores-Vizcarra, the Mexican consul general for the Carolinas, had been given the podium to speak against the bill.

Gheen stated that a Rasmussen Poll from 2007 showed 77% of Americans opposed licenses for illegal aliens and that he was willing to wager with any lawmaker that public attitudes regarding Matricula Consular cards were even stronger in opposition.

Before leering at William Gheen and his cohorts near the end of the video, Representative Ross claims…

“language means a lot to me. Anybody who is from Mexico or Honduras… they’re also Americans.”

Since the audio from this video is going viral on talk radio shows in North Carolina, ALIPAC is now releasing this video nationally for circulation.

Please view, comment, circulate, and broadcast the video below….

NC Rep Deborah Ross Says Mexicans and Hondurans are Americans n

Special thanks to Dave of NC Renegade for filming and arranging this video.

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