How come the Japanese don’t sound like the Ugly Americans!

By: Guest Authors

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Can any of you imagine being assaulted by a mountain of water striking relentlessly? And put this 30 to 60 foot mountain of water in your neighborhood. That would be like a 3 story or a 6 story building just moving along the ground at about 50 miles per hour with tremendous punch to make sure nothing in its wake is left standing. And the most important point here is that our prayers, hearts and best wishes go out to our good friends on the other side of the Pacific.

Much had been written about the lack of looting in Japan. And the liberals take this as a racist comment. Heck of a stretch but liberals see racism from all writers unless they are liberal writers. O’Reilly has labeled these commentators “The Totalitarian Liberals”. But let’s take this a little further. The Japanese folks for the most part are very religious and they seem to accept and respect authority. And the bottom line is that they have the longest life expectancy in the world. The liberals will claim it’s because they have universal healthcare, but it is not FREE healthcare which is the dream of all liberals, they have to pay for it.

But think about it. We have reporters in Japan risking life and cancer cells to report on this catastrophe. The Japanese display no anger. They are not yelling and screaming at their country. They seem to accept life and understand if they wait long enough the Japanese people will pull together and make all well again. They don’t need to yell and scream. Maybe that’s why they had the second greatest economy in the world for a long time. Considering the size of their country, that is a remarkable achievement!
Maybe it’s the calmness that adds to their life’s longevity!

Could you imagine if this happened in New York, or New Orleans. People would be screaming and yelling. Remember TMI, it was the end of the world. And to date there was no damage done to anyone at TMI but we still hear from the liberals that nuclear like Ozone will cause the end of the world. The Japanese may prove otherwise.

In NYC or anywhere near the Metro area you hear horns beeping, people cutting each other off as though that coveted 10 foot of space was the last space available on the planet. Everyone and every entity and government wants to sue someone. People flip the “bird” like it is an art form. I have witnessed people during the holiday season fighting pedestrians at an intersection with their car. And all the Dr. Phils in the world will never calm down the rage you find in a lot of ugly Americans. Last year I couldn’t believe it but a fight almost broke out on Main Street at Disney World over a spot to stand to watch the parade. Disney is one of the most peaceful places on the planet. They will bend over backwards to make everyone happy. But obviously these fine folks that day forgot to leave their anger at the airport.

So we need to reprogram the Americans. Since the 60’s all we hear about is the Me-ME Syndrome. And if you can’t get what you deserve by some self imposed power then hire a lawyer and make the lawyer rich while you still fume and hate this country.

We have witnessed a new world. Lawyers are all over the place stirring the pot while they make tons of money. We have created a vast minority of takers that expect everything to be handed to them whether they work or not. And they expect things from the government even when the government no longer has the money to pay for them.

There is no give and or take. Get over it. There is no middle ground between the givers and the takers!

So we should learn from our friends in Japan. You need religion. It may not need to be organized religion. You need respect for yourself, your neighbors and your country and your flag. If you understand that if you leave the hate at the door, you will live a happier and longer life. If not your heart, lungs and stomach lining will bear the burden of hate and anger and result in a shorter lifespan. And no matter how much FREE Obamacare you have, it wouldn’t make a difference!

Lawyers for decades have been trying to lower the cost of living for just about everyone in America. They expect doctors who go to school for a long time to take a cut it pay while lawyers make hundreds of dollars an hour. Would America be less ugly if we capped the lawyer’s salary at $30 dollars an hour or less? You make the call!


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