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March 30, 2011

Lloyd Marcus: Mr. Tea Party Goes to San Francisco

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Hi Patriots. I just returned home to Florida from San Francisco where I emceed a fund raiser for the “Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama in 2012”. I am also a Vice Chair.

On the airplane, CNN was available, Fox News was …

Covering the eternal conflict: Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin on the frontline

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When most of the denizens of U.S. newsrooms all but ignored the drug war that exploded on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border, I watched Fox News Channel’s national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin on the Mexican side of the border …

Pennsylvania Governor Places Communal Glory Over Individual Worth

In his comments regarding the cancellation of a football game, former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell actually let slip the contempt he feels towards the citizens of the United States in general and the people of the Keystone State in particular.

What Needs To Be Said About What Needs To Be Done

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Its spring and I’m in a motel snowed in for the second time in three days.  This past weekend I spoke at a symposium hosted by the Tenth Amendment Center at Southern New Hampshire University.  It was a power …