Where Are We Going?

By: Patti Bankson

Do you remember when the argument against drilling for oil here, in the U.S., was that it would take years and years before it would make a difference? I do. Do you remember hearing that same argument applied to wind power and solar power? No? Well, maybe we haven’t heard it because it hasn’t been offered. And maybe it hasn’t been offered because Liberals/Progressives, and their tree-hugging friends, love those so-called “alternative” sources of energy, but hate oil. But, do they really hate oil? Or do they simply hate the people who make money on oil? No, that can’t be it, either, because one of those Liberal/Progressives, our president, just made a deal with Brazil, allowing them to drill in the gulf. Not only can they drill, but we, the U.S. taxpayers, will give them $2 Billion to do it! Will someone please explain this to me, if you can? Permits to drill have been languishing forever on somebody’s desk in D.C., waiting for a drilling green light. Did Brazil submit a permit before any of those companies, and we just didn’t know about it? Or… is this another shuffle in the Obama dance… another effort on his part to be popular with everyone but us? Putting that question aside, I want to know how our giving money to yet another country helps us? I’d also like to know how long our economy will have to suffer at the hands of someone who obviously doesn’t get that spending even more is simply digging a deeper hole than the one we’re already in. I don’t care what party the president belongs to, and I certainly don’t care what color he is… this is insanity mixed with incompetence, and does not bode well for our future.

Here’s another question I have: Where are the liberal voices? Is stupidity and recklessness an issue for them only when a conservative is being stupid and reckless? Or do they not “get it”, either? Perhaps, like Bill Maher, they’re just too busy thinking up more obscene names for Sarah Palin? Or maybe they’re busy helping Michael, talk-about-a-hypocrite, Moore figure out what he should do with other American’s money? If he can get his hands on it, that is. Yep, this guy, who is hardly in need of $$$, says “… they’re sitting on $… it’s not theirs, it’s a national resource.” Another example of the virulent Left’s “Class Envy”, and socialistic bent. Of course, the “they” he’s talking about are businesses that are holding on to their own hard-earned money. And, what’s wrong with holding onto your money… what’s wrong with taking a wait-and-see policy? Especially when our government seems to be determined to take us straight to a very hot place in a hand basket? Of all the senseless things happening right now, that’s one even I get.

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