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March 22, 2011

White House still unsure where to try 9-11 suspects

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The Obama White House, the Departments of Justice and Defense, as well as the State Department seem to be unsure of where to hold the trials of five alleged terrorists accused of being co-conspirators of the 9/11 terrorist attack, according …

March 21, 2011

Obama – Confronting The Killing Culture In Palestine

Filed under: War On Terror - 21 Mar 2011

The brutal murder of five members of the Fogel family including three children aged 11, 4 and 3 months – whilst asleep in their house – could only elicit the following pathetic response from President Obama:

Ex-Rad, the U.S. Military’s Radiation Wonder Drug

Filed under: Potpourri - 21 Mar 2011

By Van Hipp

These are tragic and tense days indeed in Japan.

The immense loss of life and absolute devastation caused by last week’s earthquake and tsunami is heartbreaking – and serve as the culprits in this unimaginable tragedy. The tension, felt …

Crude Oil 101

These years of disastrous Socialistic American leadership initiated and endorsed by our President, Barack Hussein Obama. “The Chosen One” and his merry band of Marxist idolizing Progressives who impose their social dominance have been a virtual nightmare. These hand picked …

March 20, 2011

Jesse Jackson: Stop Playin’ Us Bro, Insulting Our Intelligence

Filed under: In The News - 20 Mar 2011

I always think, “How can I explain this so that my brother David will understand”. Don’t get me wrong, David is extremely bright. I consider David in that group of Americans who do not listen to talk radio, watch Foxnews …

Who Wasn’t Listening In 2010

Filed under: Politics In General - 20 Mar 2011

Playing political parlor games wasn’t what the 2010 elections were all about. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell seem to be leading Republicans down the same old road Congress has been traveling for years. The next national elections are twenty months …

Ongoing Efforts To Derail The Tea Party

When the burgeoning Tea Party first became apparent in early 2009, the Democrat/media political machine attempted to simply ignore it. Later on, their response was to try to trivialize it as a “fringe movement” or, in the words of then …

March 19, 2011

National Backlash Against Utah’s Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

Filed under: Immigration - 19 Mar 2011

ALIPAC is calling for Utah residents to rise in political rebellion against the politicians who just passed an unconstitutional Amnesty for illegal aliens, that is opposed by approximately 70% of Americans.

Review of nuclear plant safety in U.S. follows Japanese tragedy

Filed under: In The News - 19 Mar 2011

The devastation and horror experienced by Japan has resulted in U.S. government officials to review their own emergency/disaster plans including the response to structural damages at the nation’s nuclear power plants.

Behind the Headlines – Insider Trading?

Last summer the Department of Education proposed controversial new regulations that applied only to for-profit colleges and exempted state universities and private colleges.

Like The Weekend? Praise Henry Ford, Not The Unions.

Every day I receive at least one email from someone telling me how without unions there would be no weekend. Yes, it is true, people are indeed stupid enough to believe anything they are told.

March 18, 2011

Public Employee Unions Plunder Maine

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 18 Mar 2011

By: Steve Merritt

The State of Maine has a $4.3 billion pension shortfall. 70,000 retirees are counting on a promised pension. The workers did not create this fiscal nightmare. Nor did the other 1.2 million Mainers who are being saddled with …

Conflict Between ALIPAC and Utah Senator Orrin Hatch Escalates

Filed under: Immigration - 18 Mar 2011

The war of words over Utah’s attempt to become the first state in American history to pass a state level form of Amnesty for illegal aliens has escalated this week, as Americans for Legal Immigration PAC responds to Senator Orrin …

Pelosi and Dems cash-in on Wisconsin

Filed under: The Democrats - 18 Mar 2011

Call me a glutton for punishment, but in order to keep an eye on the moonbat crowd, I receive e-mails from Nancy Pelosi.  Every time there’s a “crisis,” she’s there, cranking the spigot for cash, cash, cash.  When Jared Loughner …

Democrats Make Speeches, Not Decisions

Filed under: Featured Conservative,The Democrats - 18 Mar 2011

Perhaps it’s their desire to be loved by all, perhaps they’re just wimps, but for whatever reasons Democrat Presidents can’t seem to make a hard decision. Carter couldn’t figure out what to do about the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, …

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