Presidential Hopelessness

By: William P. Frasca

His Highest our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” has done it again. He portrayed his arrogance to the highest capacity. He has successfully imbedded his own manufactured inabilities to lead our Nation of proven bravery and greatness. His liberal passive ideologies and ideals have not only degraded our great Country but also submitted a humiliating act of being identified as weak, timid, unassertive, or ineffectual.

He totally disregarded the Constitution of the United States and the Congress. He left our brave, unselfish military wide open to the possibility of being under the command of a foreign military, by yielding full jurisdiction over their lives. This is an absolute absurdity and against all aspects of our beliefs as a Nation.

His indecisiveness forced him into a no win situation, by turning his back completely on Congress, the American people, and our brave soldiers, gave a reasonable doubt to his actions. Answer this question? Was his illegal reaction and immediate decision made without an American was vote of confidence, the wishes that was forced upon him by the International Community of the United Nations?

Let’s observe the truth and not some Liberal, “Alice in Wonderland” fantasy. Our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” has demonstrated his complete inept inabilities of making any pertinent decision in any capacity as a Leader, during his tenure in office? Why would he change his philosophy in mid-stream? His past and present failures proved that America and The American people are far better off when he doesn’t make a necessary determination.

He has America take the back seat, and is willing to allow Nations, to dictate and assume the Top Dog position in spearheading this no fly zone over Libya. Is this an honorable so-called exit plan or strategy, he and his cronies devised, to pacify the Left? He keeps stating that there will be no ground troops; can this man really be trusted? He leaves our military wide open? This is an atrocious abomination. We are the United States of America and must revitalize our status, throughout the world. Our troops must not take orders from any non-American Country accept from our own military leaders. This is our family, our brothers and sisters and we must protect them at all costs.

He illogically begged for an excuse needing the approval to enter this conflict, from the world community, yet he totally played the three monkeys, hearing, seeing and speaking no evil to his own National Community. Will this be a standard operational procedure now established by him to ask permission from the World authorizing them the power to dominate our independent right to defend ourselves?

Remember the lost era of the Viet Nam Conflict, this too wasn’t an announced War, yet our troops were shot at, maimed, imprisoned, lost their lives became mentally unsound or disabled, but our Government had the audacity to call it a Conflict.

Again we find ourselves falling into the same category, placing our soldiers in a life or death situation without the declaration of anything. They and the American people don’t even know what is our main major objective? How can this action be called anything when Obama by-passed the United States Congress? Only Congress can declare war? His procrastination on this decision, as all his past decisions, gave him enough time to submit to this Constitutional requirement.

The no fly zone was echoed by John McCain, weeks earlier, but as usual Our President is a day late and a dollar short. He had every opportunity to ask for a joint emergency session of Congress, instead of going on a scheduled family vacation, and planning this underhanded acceptance of American troop into this area, dancing to the tune of the United Nations.

Naturally the Liberal Media and Press missed the boat, placed blinkers around their eyes, by ignoring the obvious, placing him in the role as Mosses, parting the Red Sea, by announcing his total brilliance and courage. The sad reality states that he is a manipulated, fearful, indecisive, clueless demigod lead by the nose. Even his own Vice-President went against his actions, with multiple animosities administered from his own Party’s Socialist, Liberal Representatives and of course, not to forget Ralph Nader.

Even if he comes to his senses and requests Congressional acceptance of this action, the damage has been done, his true colors are waving in the wind. The final results showed negative characteristics towards his moral passive fiber and wandering disobedient attitude of the United States Constitution, with total disregard towards the American people and our brave defenders of freedom. Checks and balances must be upheld and the American must regain its creditability by taking the lead, while steering and maneuvering our own destiny.

My heart does go out to all these innocent people murdered by this heartless, heathen Moammar Kadafi, but why do we always have to risk American lives to save any and all distressed Countries? If he is such a threat to the Arabs, then why are they sitting back allowing us and the United Nations to once again do their dirty work, such as we did in Desert Storm?

Our military made multiple unselfish sacrifices, saving these Countries from extinction such as the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait. They in turn showed their appreciation by slapping us in the face together with the other O.P.E.C. Nations. Where is the cowardice Arab League? Are they going to sit in the background giving orders while our brave military fights for their survival?

This idiocy must stop at once! Our Country, all our armed forces personnel are precious. They must not be used as pawns or playing the fool to these barbaric third world nations. This is not a game of “Risk”, throwing the dice on make believe battles. These are American human beings, our family, neighbors, and friends which must not be sacrificed needlessly for any political undeclared War. What are the Arabs giving up or contributing to this so-called noble cause, in which they are directly being affected? American lives must be protected at all costs? What’s in it for us?

America, sadly, I said it before and I’ll say it again we made a tremendous mistake in electing Barack Hussein Obama as Our President. If he is re-elected in 2012 our Country might be at the point of no return, sinking fast into a pool of quicksand, slowing sucking the life out of our Nation, while sinking into a pit of darkness. Let’s hope and pray we have enough sense to make him a one term President, as we did with the infamous disgraceful Jimmy Carter.

Hopefully there will be a candidate that has the ability to defeat him in the next Presidential election. We are a Nation of laws and not (Suria Laws), but our own well established American rules and regulations with a balanced, blinded form of justice.

We have the ability to change the balance of power, “The American Way” (legally and non-violently), by utilizing our power to vote on Election Day. We must exercise this wonderful “Right” properly and intelligently, towards our future greatness. Don’t be or get fooled again. Vote courageously for our American survival. The choice is yours. Voter apathy is no option.

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