Trump with a View that ain’t Pretty!

By: Guest Authors

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

President Trump is a believer. He believes he can be president and that is pretty neat. But when he ventured in to the den of the View, it was a riot. Nobody knows how serious the Donald is about running for president but he knew just what strings to pull to fire up the ladies of the View.

I still can’t believe anyone watches the View but maybe their performances are different when people like O’Reilly and Trump are not on display. It is obvious that when conservatives or non-liberals come on the show they get treated much differently then the liberals like Obama.

But Trump brought up all the points that I have written about for years. Maybe he read my book! But what is Obama trying to hide? And how come there are no pictures of Obama with anybody in Hawaii when he was young?

Keep in mind that Trump was on this show for 14 minutes and spoke about running for president a few minutes and jumped into the Obama birth certificate stuff for maybe three minutes.

And it was great! Though there were 4 or 5 women trying to speak over him, he blew them away. Trump has come a long way. As a businessman he has always been successful. He owns and has his name on a lot of things. But he was never liked by the public.

I recall sitting at a USFL Generals’ football game and his name was announced as the owner of the Generals and the whole place would boo. It was quite funny, but probably not for him. And most people seemed not to like Trump. Then the Apprentice came along and he became an American Hero, at least for television.

So it’s funny how one simple show can change one’s life and his persona as regarded by the American public.

So I am not sure why someone goes on a show like the View. They are so disrespectful that they don’t let the guest host speak. And since they all are speaking at the same time you can’t really hear what they are saying. But maybe they do that by design.

But you could hear some of Whoopi’s comments. As an actress and comedienne I really like Whoopi. But as a political whatever she claims to be she sucks. She should just admit that she is as liberal as all Hell and when someone like Trump comes along why can’t she have an intelligent conversation. Don’t try to overpower the person. I don’t think anyone could ever overpower the Donald; that’s probably why he should be president. He would just tell Gaddafi you are fired. And it would be over. It wouldn’t cost trillions every time we invade these Muslim countries!

But here are a few things that Whoopi said.

Whoopi says why does Obama have to show his Birth certificate?
Whoopi said that nobody asked George W. Bush for his birth certificate?
Whoopi: Is Hawaii not part of the United States?
They have never asked any white president to be shown the birth certificate?
And someone said you’re a citizen you are a citizen.

Trump really answered the first question in his statement. Obama should show his Birth certificate because if he doesn’t the people will think he is hiding something. Can you trust a president who is hiding something?

No one had to ask George W. Bush for his birth certificate because he served in the National Guard, Obama didn’t. The Connecticut hospital he was born in acknowledges that George W. Bush was born there. Not so for Obama.

Nobody questions whether Hawaii was a state when Obama was born. But it may be called into question that the record keeping and accuracy of the record keeping may not have been up to par when Obama was born. If it was they would not have registered him as an American citizen unless he could show a real birth certificate. It appears he was registered but his grandmother forgot to bring in the birth certificate. So now all Obama has to do is show his real birth certificate, better late than never!

Most if not all presidents to date have had 2 parents that were American citizens. Whoopi should realize that Obama’s dad was born in Kenya and never became an American citizen. The same issue would come to the surface whether Obama was white or black.
Obama is 50% white doesn’t that count for anything? Why would Whoopi play the race card when race is clearly not the issue? The issue is simple. Was Obama born in America? If he wasn’t he is not qualified to be President of the United States. Citizenship is not the main issue. The main issue is: Was Obama born in the United States or any of its territories?

Hey Whoopi, let’s say you were president. If you were white or black, would you show your real birth certificate? Donald Trump would. And just maybe his hair has a birth certificate as well.


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