Obama Administration Caught Arming Mexican Illegal Alien Rebels


One of America’s largest border enforcement advocacy organizations is calling on supporters to demand that Congress use investigations, prosecutions, impeachments, military tribunals, and treason charges if necessary to bring justice to those who betrayed American citizens by arming drug and illegal alien importing invaders.

New information is coming to light that one of America’s top law enforcement agencies under the control of the US Presidency was helping to provide military grade guns to the violent Mexican crime cartels, who are importing the vast majority of America’s illegal aliens, cocaine, and methamphetamine. Dubbed operations ‘Gun Runner’ and ‘Fast and Furious,’ elite weapons such as AK-47 Assault rifles and Barret .50 caliber sniper rifles were allowed to pass freely into Mexico, while the Obama administration called for a crack down on American gun sales.

“This betrayal at the highest levels of our government is consistent with the other betrayals we have documented across the board,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “The Executive Branch of the federal government has been caught lying about border security, leaving our borders wide open during a time of war, failing to protect states from invasion as required by the US Constitution, and now providing military grade arms to the invaders. We are calling on the Congress today to use all possible remedies including investigations, prosecutions, impeachments, and possible charges of treason.”

Immediate investigations, prosecutions, and possible treason charges and military tribunals are needed because the evidence suggests that the American government has been corrupted and compromised on a grand scale regarding the importation of drugs and illegals into America. Military tribunals may be needed since those responsible for this betrayal have been arming paramilitary groups with military grade weapons to invade America during a time of war.

Agents are telling the media that this operation was approved by the Department of Justice under Eric Holder. President Obama is denying that he knew anything about the American government sanctioned shipments of large amounts of arms to the drug cartel insurgents.

The elite organized crime syndicates receiving the American sold weapons, compliments of the American ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agency), are responsible for murdering tens of thousands of Mexican citizens in the last few years.

Thousands of innocent American citizens are being killed by these gangs and their illegal alien cargo each year!

Tens of thousands of Americans, predominantly young adults and children, are becoming addicted to and succumbing to the chemical weapons of mass destruction deployed by these groups in the form of cocaine and methamphetamine.

Authorities now believe that Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered with guns acquired through operations ‘Gun Runner’ and ‘Fast and Furious.’ Obama’s administration has order our Border Patrol agents to fire bean bag rounds while arming the smugglers with fifty caliber rifles.

The ATF is making some kind of strange unbelievable claim that the guns were allowed into Mexico to “gather intelligence” on drug cartels.

“The ATF and the Department of Justice under Obama have just been caught arming a sizable paramilitary force overseeing the invasion of the United States,” said William Gheen. “There’s no telling how many Americans and Mexicans have been killed with these weapons and how many will die in the future if Congress does not act decisively to restore constitutional governance in America immediately.”

The Bush administration, and now the Obama administration, have done all in their power to support illegal immigrants over the wishes and interests of American citizens for the last ten years, which has led to massive job and community instability and an unprecedented shift in US Census counts.

ALIPAC’s 40,000 national supporters are being asked to call Congress and talk radio shows to demand immediate action. News updates about this breaking scandal will be archived and displayed at www.ALIPAC.us

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