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April 12, 2011

Is O’Reilly trying to Trump the Donald?

Filed under: Politics In General - 12 Apr 2011

Trump brings many issues to the table in his bid to be the next President of the United States. O’Reilly spent a great deal of precious airtime trying to make fun of Trump. But Trump raised many issues that seem …

“Shutdown” could affect cops, spies and deployed troops: U.S. Officials

Filed under: Politics In General - 12 Apr 2011

The FBI, CIA, DEA and other U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies are planning possible employee furloughs in the event of a federal government shutdown, government officials said today.

Calling Evil By Its’ Name

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 12 Apr 2011

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, James Taranto describes the growing bloodlust of the progressive left:
” America’s liberal left is preoccupied with salacious fantasies of political violence. These take two forms: dreams of leftist insurrection, and nightmares of reactionary …

Immovable Object Meet the Irresistible Force

Many times in our history we’ve been confronted with what seemed like impossible odds.

In 1776 thirteen sparsely populated colonies clinging for life to the Atlantic seaboard surrounded by a forest that ran unbroken to the Mississippi dared to stand up …