Is O’Reilly trying to Trump the Donald?

By: Guest Authors

Dr. Phil Taverna

Trump brings many issues to the table in his bid to be the next President of the United States. O’Reilly spent a great deal of precious airtime trying to make fun of Trump. But Trump raised many issues that seem to be Taboo on the air waves of our corrupt politicians.

There was one point where O’Reilly stated something along the lines that when you hear what Trump said about Iraq, “your head will snap back”. He assumed that the listener would be so surprised or shocked that his head would snap back once he heard the revelations of Trump!

When O’Reilly finally released this precious video of the interview it was not all that astonishing. Maybe to most it would be good policy. Funny thing Trump’s thoughts were very similar on these issues as previous columns by me.

Let’s take for example how much Afghanistan and Iraq has cost the taxpayers in the United States. This is only monetary costs and not the precious loss of life which except for lawyers can not heed a reasonable price tag. But the cost of both wars will exceed $2 trillion American dollars. Look at the zeros please: $2,000,000,000,000. That’s about one seventh of our alleged American nation debt deficit.

So what Trump is proposing is that we take control of the oil in Iraq and take our fair share to cover the costs to secure Iraq and to bring democracy to Iraq. Our troops will also keep the Iranians from taking over the Iraqi oil fields something which is expected to happen as soon as the American troops move out. When you think about it, an American base around the oil wells will give an American presence in the Middle East. And by controlling a share of the oil; our enemies would need to go through the U.S. to get to the Iraqi oil. Good luck with that. China and Russia might get a little pissed, but since they have voted only “Present” in the Middle East something they learned from Obama in congress, they really have no say or stake in the decision.

The same thing holds true for Libya, we have spent $500 million American Dollars in Libya in just a few weeks. And if and when it is over America will have to pay to secure the place and to rebuild the damage America has caused. So you can expect the $500,000,000 to grow closer to another trillion in American taxpayer dollars before the war is over. Sorry, before the Libyan civil war is over.

Using the Taverna/Trump Doctrine, we go in and take over the Libyan oil fields. We take our fair share to cover the costs to “protect” Libya and we also protect the oil as a global public service so that the oil is used to continue to pay for Libya’s welfare and reimbursement to coalition members who have spent money for the Libyan cause. Isn’t this what Obama and the liberals meant by global economy? Trump just takes it a little bit further and by protecting the oil, we prevent future problems for this region of the world. It makes a great deal of sense and it will cost us a whole lot less in the long run.

And when the liberals try to jack-up oil prices in the commodity markets we can flood the market with oil and cause our dear friends like Soros to go bankrupt! Wouldn’t you like to pay less then one dollar a gallon?

Trump also brings up the birth certificate stuff which is entertaining. And his presentation is a whole lot different than the elite Republicans. Including O’Reilly none of these folks want to be brought into this ruckus of the missing birth certificate. But isn’t this Billy Bob Clinton all over again. The liberal media knew all about his carrying on with other women besides Hillary. But they kept it hush hush until after the second election. It appears that the internet and the blogoshere will not let this fade away. So if Obama can pull off an upset in 2012, then will the liberal media divulge the truth about the missing birth certificate of a black president? You make the call!

Trump attacks China with a vengeance. This almost caused O’Reilly to fall out of his chair. Trump wants to threaten the Chinese who are stealing most of the American Jobs with a 25 percent tariff. Trump felt that the Chinese were manipulating their currency causing a cataclysmic effect on the number of American jobs lost. Here again Trump must be reading the Taverna book. From the beginning of time in American History the government has always protected American Jobs. They stopped doing that when the liberals thought it was global to send our jobs overseas!

The very least we can do is investigate all the politicians who have allowed this to happen. And put safeguards in place to prevent corrupt politicians from selling American Jobs to our global competitors. One thing that didn’t surfaces about GE not paying taxes is the fact that most of the money made by GE is now being made on foreign shores.

So Obama’s good friend from GE who helped him get elected has moved most of the American GE jobs to other places not located in the United States. This hurts Americans in 2 ways. One is that those American jobs have left America and are not coming back anytime soon. And the taxes that would be paid by the Americans who were working those jobs before they were exported to China are no longer paying taxes in America. In fact they are paying taxes to the Chinese government.

So any way you look at Trump he is on the right track. The American economy has been sold out and forced down the drain by corrupt politicians and their friends the corrupt lobbyists who for the most part are American Lawyers. We need a leader who will equalize the forces that are working against the American economy and trying to hurt Americans.

Trump is correct. And O’Reilly has no sensible recourse. All he can do is laugh at Trump but he has no clue as to what are the problems and how to solve it. O’Reilly didn’t understand how non-profits work. He seemed to have this false notion that non-profits are not allowed to make money. Maybe he should sit down with Trump and his people. And instead of making fun of Trump and his hair, learn what is wrong with the policies in America and how we are going to fix American Capitalism before it is too late.

But unfortunately Trump has a great deal of work to do to win the election. The women don’t seem to like him. And of course the liberals will never vote for him. But if he can reach out to all the capitalists in the country who still believe that Americans can compete with China, then just maybe he can be president. And then you can hear him saying to all those liberal socialists trying to ruin this great country… “You are Fired!”

Obama can be beat. Hopefully the Republicans and the Tea Party folks will meet in the back room somewhere and agree on one candidate. If the Republicans can get behind one candidate from the start they can beat Obama. Or better yet it is plausible that Obama will beat himself. He has turned against his base, and it is going to be real hard to convince the independents to vote for Obama again. Obama may have fooled them once, but Obama’s actions speak louder than his misleading rhetoric.

If the Republicans can back 2 males early on they can win. If they muddy the water with a pro-life woman candidate they will be slaughtered by the liberal media. The comedians and liberal media will stupidify (made up word) any woman candidate nominated by the Republicans. If you really have to have a woman: Let the male win the vice-president position, then have the male resign after the election so that a woman can be put in his place. If you really want to break Hillary’s glass ceiling this is the only way as long as we have a liberal bias media!

If you want to win, you must speak to the capitalists. The Americans want real jobs. They don’t want to settle for Obama’s temporary jobs. And they don’t want public sector jobs that can be taken away at a moment’s notice. They don’t want to be trumped by the socialists! It is up to Patriotic Americans to rise up and put America and its products first, above all else!


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