Who Works For Who?

By: William P. Frasca

We must constantly ask ourselves, in our present state, as true Americans, time and time again, to reinforce our precious words of the Constitution. The most pertinent question asked? Does the President, The Senate, The House of Representatives, The Supreme Court, and all the Bureaucratic Demigods of government employees that are associated with a pay check earned from the blood, sweet and tears of the United State taxpayer actually do work for us, or did we completely yield our employer status? This budget controversy actually showed the true power of the Tea Party and without them the Republican Party would have rolled over and played dead to the desires of the Socialist Democrats.

The proof was administered during this budgetary process which once again displayed the well established dinosaurs of the Grand Old Republican Party were raising the white flag of surrender before the process began. They were consistently stating compromise, once they heard of the possibilities of a Government Shutdown. They were afraid to be forceful and stand up to their principles. They are cowards.

Even when they had the power, under George W. Bush they danced to the tune of the Democratic minority. Give the Democrats some credit, when they assumed supremacy they reeked with relentless arrogance, and passed everything and anything they wanted. The opposition party and the American people were non-existent. This vanity continued even after their humiliating historic loss in the House of Representatives.

We could only thank the Good Lord in his goodness and mercy in producing an enthusiastically refreshingly newly elected Tea Party Representatives to the Senate and the House of Representatives. This new breed of Republican is most impressive, but they couldn’t have been created without the help and guidance of the Conservative taxpaying Americans united to form the historic Tea Party. They were solid and stood their ground, deciding to fight for the financial survival of our Country, without any votes of approval, from the Socialistic Marxists Liberal Democrats and the Progressives. The old timers should relinquish their power because they are not only hurting their party, but also our great Country, The United States of America.

The Democrats know their opponents and realize that every time they played the blame game, the old established Republicans would buckle under their name calling and threats. We also have in the Senate a number of traitors such as the Senator from Massachusetts Scott Brown and Maine Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. They should just leave the Party and Benedict Arnold themselves to the Democrats, They do more damage to the American people being wolves in sheep’s clothing as fake Republicans, promoting their indecisive liberal weakness.

The sarcastic gall and shameful despicable disgrace of our President Barack Hussein Obama “The Chosen One”, displayed, coupled with the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives have disrespectfully dishonored our brave military personnel to the point of idiocy. Their unified uncompassionate disregard of holding the Sword of Damocles over the heads of the Republican Party if they didn’t yield to their budgetary demands of holding back the military’s paycheck, which are used to support their families are an abomination. Especially, in this unstable time that our Country is experiencing and courageously fighting multiply Wars throughout the world.

The real kicker in all this was these selfish cretins of sub terrarium Socialist stench saw to it and authorized that their own paychecks would be undisturbed. Our Country is slowly but surely losing its greatness by electing individuals of the lowest caliber. This Obama Administration has mixed up priorities; all geared towards Socialism and their main objective is to make our great Country weak and ineffective. Do you think this is just stating another Mother Goose nursery rhyme, think again?

Look at the basic essential non-optional cost of living products that are going up everyday, food prices. Unfortunately for us, there is an extreme need for every human being to eat. This obviously, together with the air we breathe, and the water or liquids we drink are a necessary consumption of basic nutrients needed to walk this earth. If we don’t eat, eventually we will die. So with the rise of prices, dependency on the government also rises, such as food stamps, creating more crutches and special entitlements, forcing all those struggling to survive actually begging to be fed from hand to month. If we don’t realize this manipulation then we are truly lost as a free Society, of, by and for the people?

You don’t need me to tell you that gas prices have escalated to epidemic proportions. Yet our President and his Administration of Socialist still keep our hands tied by having us fully dependent upon foreign hostile crude oil. They have the audacity to claim more oil is being pumped here in the United States, when in reality, the oil permits were granted during the Bush Administration. They virtually stymied this process of issuing these permits slowing down future oil production on American soil.

America has the capabilities and natural resources to be self sufficient and independent from foreign influences. What does our so-called Democratic leadership display, the simple act of being dumb and dumber? How did we dig ourselves into this hole of total ineptness and incompetence? How did we allow ourselves to be ruled by our own government in tyranny and fear?

The handwriting on the wall states that the American people are actually falling vivtim to a well deveoped trap of the Obama Administration. It seems as though his Department Heads and Czars, by having no plan to combat high oil prices, might be doing this on purpose. The plan could be to force us use other alternative forms of transportation, and different fuels to operate our automobiles and to heat our homes in the winter.

We can’t allow ourselves to be held prisoner or hostage to any non existent form of efficient energy. Our technology is limited and won’t be able to sustain our needs for energy without oil. This process will eventually succeed but not at its present state. All this is just enhancing a recessionary economy with a runaway uncontrollable inflation, destroying our American way of life.

Did you know that food and gas prices aren’t even calculated in the rate of inflation? The American people are hurting. The American family is hurting, our Country is hurting. Write, phone, fax, e-mail, and use whatever peaceful means possible to notify our uncooperative President, together with the Representatives in Congress and in the Senate. Tell them that the American people are watching and are demanding positive results, no more excuses and no more vacations. Remind them on how easy it was for us to send their egotistical peers to the unemployment line. This will give them fair warning that their pink slips could possibly be their future, if they still ignore the Constitution and the will of the people.

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