VIDEO: Another Amnesty Supporter Like McCain will Reelect Obama


Americans for Legal Immigration PAC’s President William Gheen has issued a stern national warning to the GOP via his speech at an April 15, 2011 Tax Day Tea Party rally in Raleigh “Send us another amnesty supporter like McCain and you will walk Obama back into the White House”

Copies of the speech are being circulated nationally to ALIPAC supporters and tens of thousands of members of the national media and it can be viewed at this link…

Enforce Our Existing Border and Immigration Laws NOW!

Most of the major candidates vying for the GOP nomination for president currently support the same globalist plan to transfigure the United States by making over 12 million illegal aliens new voters.

Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and Mitt Romney all support Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty which cost John McCain his election against Barrack Obama.

“True American Conservatives refused to support John McCain due to his agreement with Obama and US Senator Kennedy on Amnesty and voting rights for illegal aliens,” said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. “Global financial interests are trying to trap American voters once again between a nation destroying Amnesty supporting Democrat and Republican. If the GOP Primary sends us another RINO like McCain, then Obama has won. Republicans that promise illegals Amnesty lose.”

While ALIPAC does not endorse presidential candidates as a policy, the group does strive to warn voters about which presidential candidates support Comprehensive Amnesty and US voting rights for illegal aliens vs those who support the enforcement of America’s existing border and immigration laws instead.

The video of the speech above also contains information about William Gheen’s 2010 Tea Party speeches where Mr. Gheen called into question US Senator Lindsey Graham’s motivations and orientations. Eight days after that historic speech, Senator Graham retreated from the negotiating table with Obama and their plans to pass Amnesty for illegal aliens before the 2010 elections collapsed.

“The truth has power,” said William Gheen. “In the case of Senator Lindsey Graham, the truth about his sexual orientation being revealed to the nation was enough to jolt him off of the Amnesty planning table with Obama. We were able to buy America a little more time to get it right and reverse this invasion.”

ALIPAC warned America on Fox News that a political faction inside the United States intended to steal the election in 2010 by encouraging illegal aliens to vote in massive numbers. Evidence that the assertion was correct is now emerging from Georgia, New Mexico, and Colorado where thousands of felonious illegal alien voters are being discovered though not charged with their crimes.

Those loyal to the American side in this conflict are encouraged to view the video, distribute it, and comment on what is said at this link…

Enforce Our Existing Border and Immigration Laws NOW!

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