It’s All About the Constitution

By: Craig Chamberlain

When asked about the constitutionality of the health care law, then Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi could only respond with an incredulous “Are you serious? Are you serious?” As if to take the highest law in the land into consideration was so incredibly idiotic that she couldn’t even be bothered to answer the question. It was so far beneath her that the very idea of constitutionality only deserved her contempt.

When the GOP took control of the House of Representatives and decided to open the session by reading the constitution, word by word, and line by line, the Democrats, again, reacted with contempt. It was nothing but political theater, they wailed. The great and important House of Representatives did not have time to waste by obsessing over some moldy old document.

The complaints continue to come in to this day from the Democrats. They can’t believe that every piece of legislation must cite some part of the constitution to justify its existence. The reactionaries are simply incapable of understanding that the Congress doesn’t need the constitution anymore. Like a narcissistic man having an affair, the left thinks they’ve outgrown the constitution, much like the narcissist thinks that he’s outgrown monogamy.

These attitudes are not old. The main defining characteristic of the left has been its condescending attitude towards the constitution. The left believes, has always believed, that the constitution is a constraint on enlightened, progressive, government. That people as wise, and morally perfect, as they are don’t need any rules. Such rules will only get in the way. Anything they decide to do will be just fine, after all they know best.

Because of this attitude, which is in complete contrast to the conservative’s belief that government must be constrained, that people are not perfectible, and that the constitution is the best guideline for government ever written, leftists have worked for more than a century to undermine the authority of the constitution so that authority will be more concentrated with them. This was all done in the name of progress, and who can be against progress? The laws of this nation stood in the path of their vision, and that couldn’t be allowed. If the constitution didn’t agree with them, then the constitution must be shoved aside.

They have attacked the constitution as a racist, capitalist, document written by a bunch of racist, misogynist, slave owners. Since the people who wrote it were so evil, how can we hold their ideals in such high esteem, unless, we too, are racists and misogynists? Since most Americans don’t believe this about the founding fathers the left has had to find another road to undermine the idea of constitutional government. So they “discovered” that the constitution doesn’t mean what it says at all. It’s now an evolving “living document” completely open to the interpretation of progressive jurists. If the judge discovers a “right” to gay marriage then that’s what the constitution says. The American people don’t buy this argument either. The constitution, like signs along the road, say what they say. Just as a stop sign means stop, or 65 mph means 65 mph, the right to keep and bear arms means just that. Since they can’t demean the constitution and get away with it, they just ignore it.

The sad part is we’ve mostly let them get away with it. The GOP didn’t protest too much over the years as the Democrats passed law after law that they didn’t have the constitutional justification to pass. After all, the centralization of power in Washington D.C. was something that benefited them as well. The more power Washington has the weaker the constitution is, the weaker the constitution is the more fragile the protections and rights of the citizens are. And that’s just the way the elites in Washington want it. The American people deserve some blame as well. For the most part, the American people sat silent as Washington went to work. It wasn’t until the Democrats did something so drastic that it couldn’t be ignored that the people stood up and said “no!” It was only when President Obama tried to take over most of the American economy that the American people shook off the cobwebs and took to the streets in protest.

Our nation finds itself in the weakened, and deplorable,state that we’re in today because the elected officials didn’t have their feet held to the fire by the voters. We ignored our elected officials, trusting them to govern effectively, and look at what that has gotten us. It was only with the formation of grass root organizations, like the Tea Party, that the idea of constitutionality has come back into fashion in Washington. Well, with one party anyway.

This new attitude is a turn for the better, but it’s not enough. The American people should vote out any politician that fails in their oath to uphold the constitution. That is if we think the constitution is worth preserving. If you don’t, vote Democrat. They’ll shove it aside soon enough once they reclaim all of the federal government.

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