Valley Forge during the Revolution wasn’t a whole lot different than Today!

By: Guest Authors

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Newt Gingrich co-authors some really fabulous history books. But it struck a strange chord when the parallelism of yesterday and today are in many ways very similar. Do you think we might be able to learn from our mistakes? Or more or less what comes natural with human nature is to continue to do the same things and expect different results!

Most folks just hate to read history. It is boring and generally written in the 3rd person. And sometimes there is just too much detail. In most cases we just want to get from point “a” to point “b”, and tell us a little bit about what happened.

What’s unique about Newt’s many books is that it is written for the most part in the first person. This creates an experience that places the reader at the scene. You get to experience what George Washington had to endure to keep the American Revolution alive. And clearly in the winter of 1777, there were not too many people who were fond of the war that was being fought against the British.

But General Washington believed in the Freedom of Democracy and nothing was going to stop him.

Let’s think about the parallelisms of today. The patriots had to overcome a camp that was supposed to be ready for them when they arrived there for the winter. Imagine how G.W. must have felt as he arrived with thousands of men and there were absolutely no shelters, no food, no tools and the men were dying from illnesses, frostbite, starving and some had no shoes. They were marching in the snow barefoot in December.

Meanwhile what was left of congress was in York, Pa. And frankly they didn’t give a damn. They weren’t making deals to get supplies to the military. Others were plotting to remove Washington from power. Others feared he would become a dictator. But while all this garbage was taking place thousands of American patriotic soldiers were dying without a bullet being fired!

We are plagued today with a God awful budget crisis. On one side we have a bunch of liberals and takers that just want to tax the people and spend their way to poverty. On the other side there are the capitalists that want to see the government get the heck out of the lives of every American just like the constitution promises so that all the people can prosper if they choose to.

You may argue that it is not the same. But have you seen any politician rise up and talk about building factories and protecting American Jobs? Not a one, right? Just like Valley Forge. All they needed was a bunch of supplies. And for the most part our new found congress did nothing. So what we learn from this is that there are more people in the way of Democracy then as well as today then there are people who want the Freedoms created by a Democracy.

So just like Washington and his band of cohorts, that’s what this country needs today. The liberals have a great deal of power and money. And as you uncover each and every stone they have laid down, you uncover more and more corruption. And this corruption today as well as back then is part of human nature. You can’t change it. It will always be out there waiting to win their quiet war.

In Valley Forge there was a general named Lee. Not the Civil War Lee who was considered an American hero, but a Charlie Lee. This guy represented all the liberals of today. Maybe he should be labeled the father of their country. He was given a great opportunity to lead the men. And basically he was a coward and deep down did not believe America could ever beat the British and win their precious Democracy.

Thanks to Washington who didn’t share the same beliefs, he fired his butt on the spot. And just like today with a group of liberal American lawyers Lee tried to get his job back. Fortunately congress told him to take a hike.

Women played an important role in the revolution. It could be said that if it wasn’t for the hundreds of women that pitched in to help at Valley Forge, maybe the army would have never healed enough to defend the new found country.

Today we are really faced with the same problems. Leaders like Schumer, Obama, Pelosi and Reid have lost the faith. Deep down they are fueled by political motives just like the jerks in the revolution who did not believe in America. They wanted Mother England to protect and keep them safe. They lacked the stamina to stand on their own and become givers and not takers.

The people of America must decide which leaders they want to stake their claims with. Obama’s approval rating is falling faster then a bucket of poop in an outhouse. There is a reason for that. In the end we need a person like Washington to lead us. Someone that believes in the Constitution and its freedoms and that man or woman must contain all the good things like Washington so that our country can prosper on its own.

So read Newt’s book on Valley Forge. You can pick up any of his history books and if you are like me, you will find them difficult to put down. You will get a sense as to what this country was up against way back then. America was barely out of diapers and it took a great deal of powerful men who really believed in America to succeed. And for the most part most of these men took nothing for themselves. And they made great sacrifices for their country and what they truly believed in.

Today the future does look very bleak. It’s time for most of us to look toward the leaders who truly believe that we can continue to prosper using our basic principles and our strong desire to keep this country Free for today and for the future of our children.
Damn the social communists! Long live Democracy!


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