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April 18, 2011

HRC-ing Things: Making a mountain out of Hillary

Now that President Obama has formally announced his candidacy for reelection, speculation has begun swirling about a possible primary challenge from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, despite her having told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in no uncertain terms that she would …

April 17, 2011

Latin America fast becoming Iranian “playground”

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,War On Terror - 17 Apr 2011

Iran continues to expand its presence in Central and South American taking advantage of its already close relationship with Venezuela’s despot Presidente Hugo Chavez, a top U.S. general said Friday as he described developments within the U.S. Southern Command to …

Vin’s Notes on Islamism: Part Seven

Filed under: War On Terror - 17 Apr 2011

By: Vin Ienco

I am offended.

In a week that saw close to 30 people murdered in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the liberal and dhimmified media are quick to blame the loon, attention seeking Pastor Jones over the burning of a Koran.

ALIPAC Asks Governor Brewer to Take Immigration Fight to Supreme Court

Filed under: Courts, The Law & The Judiciary,Immigration - 17 Apr 2011

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is responding to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s call for financial assistance while encouraging her to take the battle over SB 1070 all the way to the Supreme Court.

Democrats’ Obsessive Efforts To Fracture Tea Party

Sadly for America, as of last Friday it has now been irrefutably established that, barring a government shutdown, the ravages of Congressional spending will never be brought into line. And since the current Republican “leadership” has asserted with just as …

April 16, 2011

GE needs some Good American thawing of Immelt.

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Everyone is screaming because GE made so much money but paid no money in taxes to the United States. If GE was a true American company paying no taxes would that be a Bad …

Playing the Lyre of Budget Madness as the Empire Burns

Filed under: Politics In General - 16 Apr 2011


By Washington DC standards the just concluded budget agreement for funding the federal government through September, is a big win for Republicans. Emily Miller in Human Events describes, “The final agreement will be for $38.5 …

CSI Mexico: Secret mass grave discovered in Tijuana shocks police

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 16 Apr 2011

Police investigators and forensics technicians this week dug up bones, body fragments and teeth at a secret mass grave in Tijuana, Mexico, in a discovery that shocked even the most hardened law enforcement veteran.

Liberalism, Black America’s Greatest Enemy

I recently had another cherished chat over the phone with my 84 year old black dad. He lives in Maryland. I live in Florida. Dad, sharp as ever, still pastors four churches. He also volunteers a few days a week …

Rep. Paul Ryan Isn’t The Savior We Need

Unquiver your arrows all you GOP partisans and blind Republican loyalists! For I am here for you to take shots at. I am painting a big, red bulls-eye on myself for you to attack because I am here …

April 15, 2011

Who Works For Who?

Filed under: Politics In General - 15 Apr 2011

We must constantly ask ourselves, in our present state, as true Americans, time and time again, to reinforce our precious words of the Constitution. The most pertinent question asked? Does the President, The Senate, The House of Representatives, The Supreme …

Airport snafu: Security easily compromised by terror suspects

Filed under: War On Terror,What The F@#K?!? - 15 Apr 2011

On Thursday, U.S. Congress members on the Homeland Security Committee led by Rep. Peter King (R-NY) obtained an important report from the Government Accountability Office on aviation security and it proved to be a disturbing document.

Inside the biggest GAO scandal you never heard about

If there is a code for lying, then Rule No. 1 ought to be to make the lie believable. Not adhering to that first rule exposed a fraud perpetrated by the Government Accountability Office and helped uncover suspicious activity at …

April 14, 2011

Mexicans discover mass graves while protesting drug war

A national protest — with demonstrations in two dozen Mexican cities and towns — against drug-related violence was abruptly interrupted by news reports of the discovery of 59 bodies in mass graves. The bodies were discovered by police officers investigating …

Oprah cold-shoulders “Obama 2012”

Filed under: In The News - 14 Apr 2011

Wow….  Have the scales fallen from Oprah’s eyes?  Pop Eater is reporting that the famously rotund Obamabot will not be supporting him in 2012, as he bids to complete the “transformation” of America.  The Oprah Winfrey Network, a joint …

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