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May 1, 2011

Importing Disaster: Demographic Changes Mean Democrat Future

Filed under: Elections & Voting,Immigration - 01 May 2011

At a gathering some years ago, I had a political conversation with a man who had recently arrived here from Denmark.  He was advocating his home country’s socialist system, which, of course, led to profound disagreement.  He was good natured …

The Unshakable Appeal Of A Trump Candidacy

Filed under: Elections & Voting,The Republicans - 01 May 2011

If establishment Republicans have their way, the history of 1995 and 1996 will repeat itself, which portends that despite their enormous mid-term gains, Barack Obama will be reelected in 2012. While this is an appalling possibility to the mainstream of …

Sabotage: Labor’s weapon of choice and opportunity?

Radical activist groups and labor unions associated with President Barack Obama have launched a campaign of economic sabotage. Mortgage and student loan strikes, crippling bank boycotts, intimidation, and who knows what else are all on the agenda. Unfortunately at times …