Obama is going to expose those greedy hedge funds! Do you want to bet on it?

By: Guest Authors

By: Dr Phil Taverna

It has been known for a long time that it’s the mean people behind hedge funds who have been driving up the cost of gasoline at the pumps for quite some time. And most people have no clue what that means. They only know that they are paying almost $5 dollars a gallon and that pisses them off because we have more gasoline producing oil in this country then any other country. And people get angry when they have to sacrifice something else because they can’t afford to pay the high price for their gasoline. But it was Obama that told you before he was elected we all would have to sacrifice for the good of his socialistic visions.

Hedge funds were created for a good cause. If you were in a business where key items would fluctuate in value, you could actually bet against the change to minimize your loss. For example let’s say you were in the business of making sod. And the market for sod fluctuates. And there are good years for growing sod and bad years. It might be affected by droughts, lack of pesticides and so forth.

So depending on where you are in the food chain, you could be a grower, manufacturer or an end product user you would be able to hedge your business. So you can see if you had a fair amount of money, it would be a sound idea to hedge your bet to minimize seasonal losses. This appears to make a great deal of sense when you are hedging commodities related to your business.

The American dream is different for most people. For the Average person a house, a family and a retirement plan to take care of them in their golden years pretty much sums up the dream. But for the Trumps and Soroses of the world it’s the American Rich Dream. It is how much money can you make! And the dream is millions if not billions of American dollars. And it doesn’t matter how you make it, as long as you can make it and hopefully hang on to most of it.

Some where along the way, when nobody was looking, somebody changed the rules of the hedge funds. It became more or less a gambling casino. If you remember the Hunt Brothers they had a dream of capturing the world’s silver market. All they caught in their net was bankruptcy.

Speaking of bankruptcy, if you are real rich you can minimize your loses by creating LLC’s and entities like that which can be used to limit your liability. But just like anything else if there is a way to make a great deal of money there is always someone trying to fool the system. So what our oil friends did was change the rules for the hedge funds. In order to buy a contract for oil they lowered the margin. That’s the minimum amount you are required to put down to hold your order in the big gambling houses of oil.

And if enough people lean the same way the price of oil goes up. These folks make millions if not billions and you get to pay for it at the pump and when you heat your home or your business.

And people don’t seem to complain much if the price per gallon stays below three dollar. But once the hedge funds’ heat seeking missiles starts targeting $5.00 a gallon, then it really starts to hurt the average commuter and consumer. This occurs while the folks in the hedge funds are laughing all the way to the bank.

But it doesn’t hurt the guy who just made a million dollars in his hedge fund betting on oil to go up in price. He pays with delight $5.00 a gallon. And the oil companies make a killing because they deal with more oil then anybody. So they win either way. But they get to pay more taxes on their winnings, lucky them.

So Obama is going to go after the folks manipulating the oil market. Aren’t those the same people he wants to tax more? The same people who will be contributing to his campaign. So do you really think he is gong to go after them? Probably not, but it sounds good to the 27% that agree blindly with whatever Obama says or does.

What if you found out who was betting money on the hedge funds? Would that matter to you? It might!

So let’s say you found out that it was your elected officials who were betting on oil going up? That’s not too bad because most of these folks are living the American Rich Dream and if these folks have a lot they always want more. But what if these are the same folks who keep voting against things like drilling for oil in America? What if they are the same folks that don’t fund natural gas driven cars? They have them in India, why don’t we have cars like that in America. And you always thought it was the oil companies keeping green energy away, at least that what you have been told!

What about all those rich lawyers? Do you think they are betting on the oil? The lobbyists who fight against oil development on one hand and then they bet the other way in the oil market.

What about the private and public unions? In what direction are their hedge funds leaning. Do they take their winnings and bet on the politician that keeps betting on oil going up? If that was true, that would be note worthy! Would you keep on voting for the bloke who makes lots of money while you pay for it at the pump? Keep in mind that all this money that the hedge funds make comes from you. Every time you pay for gasoline their hedge funds are paying big!

And with a little bit of imagination you could see this enormous pot of gold paid for by you being sucked up by all these people who only have your best interest at heart. After all if the price of gasoline goes high enough you won’t use it and that’s good for the environment. Do you see now why that argument is the biggest load of bull!

And you keep paying into the till so their American dream gets richer. What about all these universities with their hedge funds. Which way do they lean? But this is different because this has a good purpose. They make tons of money in hedge funds while they keep racking up the tuition. So you pay twice once for the gasoline and the second time for the tuition and student financial aid. That seems fair! It is always fun when the liberals get you to pay for something you don’t really know about.

How does Obama solve the problem? It’s quite easy. Obama has a big mouth. What he should do is make public all these folks that are driving up the price of oil.

Let’s say you find out Obama’s friend Immelt is making money in the oil futures. So he is using GE money to drive up the oil prices. If Obama would reveal that, you in turn could stop using GE products. After a while GE would not have enough money to force oil prices to go up and guess what would happen. Oil prices would go down. That would be fair and equitable capitalism, something we haven’t seen in a long while!

So if Obama was as smart as he says he is, the best way to bring oil prices down in a hurry is to start broadcasting who has their money in the hedge funds that are driving up the cost of American Oil. Bet it wouldn’t be too long before the price of oil would be close to a dollar a gallon! Imagine what that would do to the American economy?

Citizens would be spending money on things they want to spend money on rather then the outrageous cost of gasoline which is being driven up by citizens of our own country! Doesn’t that sounds more like the real American Dream!


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