The Sacred Multiracial Cow

By: William P. Frasca

The controversy surrounding the issue of our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” which was a legitimate question to asked, towards the publication of his birth certificate, certifying him as a natural born citizen. The shadow of doubt which lingered for years was actually created by Obama, himself and his associates. The liberal media, made numerous attempts to disregard his legitimacy by honoring their creed and solemn oath to His Highness, which is plain and simple “Ours is not to question or reason why, ours is to do or die”. What a bunch of spineless buffoons? They are a disgrace to the Constitutional right identified as the “Freedom of the Press”.

Since the Democratic primary back in 2008, when Hillary Clinton fist initiated this request, it was totally ignored as a sacrilegious demand. She was surrounded with so many dishonored accusations towards her that she couldn’t pursue the issue. The Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives were so blatantly appalled on how she could possibly have the audacity to ask for proof from this “Sacred Multiracial Cow” on being born in the United States of America? This obviously condemning and labeling her with same old suggested racist non-sense with bigoted overtones.

She was immediately branded and labeled as a segregationist, within her party, for her actions, in which she rapidly lost face amongst her supporters in the black community. The odds were against, concerning this issue because she was in a no win situation. The black community was slowly but steadily leaving her ranks to support one of there own, and she didn’t help herself or her cause by asking for proof of his birth which established herself as an aggressive outsider. This literally wiped out years of her constant support for Civil Rights and her friendship with the minority communities.

Instead of attacking her they should have swiftly honored her request bringing this matter permanently to rest. They used this as a clever sympathetic ploy to attract the bleeding hearts and independents that couldn’t see the forest from the trees. This had a unique reaction towards the potential naive electorate which hid his obvious deficiencies, total incompetence and lack of experience.

He used this manipulated tool as far as it went until “The Donald” brought it to a head. Even the idiots that voted and elected him, without any clear cut direction into office had some reasonable doubt. Even the so-called champions of the minority, who still believe that white America is still surprising everyone of color had a reasonable doubt on his citizenry. These naive individuals actually sold this great Country down the poop shoot, because they were afraid of being called a racist. They closed their eyes to the simplest notion that he wasn’t qualified to become President, he was in over his head, and we the people and our Country are paying the price. His color has nothing to do with his lack of skill and ineffectiveness. Color knows no boundaries in ineptness.

He was forced to show his birth certificate to the world because he rode that train as far as it took him and was definitely adding to his political destruction by keeping it a secret. The Presidency of transparency had developed numerous walls and partitions, identifying itself as “True Lies and Liars”.

So now everyone that is considered white is suppose roll over and play dead, willing to be mocked by numerous expressions of foul name calling. Never question Obama, no matter what foolish thing he does? They must fully accept being humiliated and stepped on out of fear of being called a racist by individuals holding the marked cards of race baiting and bluffing.

Are we as Americans that stupid? The Country overcame the color barrier by electing our President Barack Hussein Obama “The Chosen One” bending over backwards to show their acceptance. In fact we went out of our way to elect an ill experienced vain demigod to prove a point to the world that American had changed. Why do we go out of our way to receive acceptance from the world population, that can’t even keep their own houses in order. Did we go too far as to potentially help in destroying our Country.

Now we must continue to hear the same rhetoric, coming from washed up celebrities and so-called experts who are basically inexperienced non-entities. They became judge, and jury, ready, willing and able to condemn and label, as if their exaggerated accusations of repeated falsehood bigotry really means anything. When it is they themselves are the racist bigots that totally lack intolerance

This proof was warranted because Obama was a product of the world, who lived here, and studied there, leaving too many variables of unanswered questions. The Constitution of the United States must be preserved, honored and respected, with no extended truths or exceptions. If our precious document states an individual must be born in the United States to become President, then so be it. Its there for a reason and to by pass it because of a particular group of people request or demand it, and are attempting to hid the culprit behind racism, and prejudice. This should be all the more reason to object and demand proof of their rightful existence.

I wish to offer my congratulations to Donald Trump. His continued relentless attack by not backing down, from the old time cowards of the Republican Party, who hide in the corner afraid to fight and speak their minds. Pressures from the liberal media who will protect Obama at all cost. The so-called black leadership, who can only claim the race card and the bleeding, heart hypocritical Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats together with their friends The Progressives.

If he decides to run for President, together with Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Ron Paul, this upcoming Republican Primary and the National Campaign for President should prove to be very interesting. The gloves are definitely off.

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