Bin Laden Dead, but Work Not Done

By: Craig Chamberlain

The Death of Usama Bin Laden, despite the harrumphs of the scolds, is a cause for celebration. Let’s be clear, those navy seals didn’t “murder” anyone, whether he was armed or not. Murder means that someone kills an innocent person, and Bin Laden was no innocent. He was a mass murderer with the blood of thousands of Americans on his hand. Then there were all the Muslims he got killed in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, plus the victims of his terrorism in London and Madrid. This was an evil man who deserved to die.

Now, no one has the right to call America an anti Muslim country. We gave that pig better than he deserved. After his death, his body was washed, an Islamic service held, and his corpse disposed of in accordance to Sharia law. He didn’t deserve any of that. The seals would have been perfectly justified in dragging his bloody body out into the street in front of his compound and setting it ablaze for all the people to see. They didn’t do that. They treated a man who deserved no respect with a great deal of respect and religious sensibility.

His death was a great victory for the United States. It shows to the world that there is no escape from American justice. Yes, he was able to hide for nine- and a half- years, and it cost a lot of money to track him down. But so what? The manhunt, and the money, were all worth the cost to get a man who killed so many innocent people. Would it have made any sense to give up on getting Hitler in 1944 just because the Germans put up a fight?

We got Bin Laden but the ideology he espoused lives on, perhaps stronger now than it was on 9-11. The Taliban are threatening both Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Iran is working double time to take over the region. Hezbollah is in control of Lebanon. The Iranians control Syria, Gaza, and are about to get their clients in charge of Egypt. So the United States faces more danger of Islamic terrorism today because most of it is now being subsidized, and controlled, by governments. For the most part this means the Iranians. Iran is now the major threat to the United States, and should be our next target.

If we were to remove Iran as a terrorist threat the capabilities of terrorist organization to launch attacks would be crippled. Terrorist organizations receive their training, weapons, and ideology from Iran. If the terrorist state were to be taken down these organizations would no longer have a patron to support them. Without support their tactical capabilities would be next to nil.

If Iran were taken out they would no longer be able to subsidize, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban, or the Muslim Brotherhood. Just like communist satellite nations couldn’t survive without the USSR, these terrorist organizations cannot survive without Iranian support. The administration, and the American people, realize that Bin Laden’s death is not the end of the war. Instead it is the start of a new chapter in it. The United States must now focus on Iran. These terrorist groups are like brush fires popping up across the region. We can play the role of fireman, and spend all of our time putting these fires out individually. Or we can play the role of policeman and go deal with the Iranian arsonists lighting these fires of terrorism.

The truth is, as great as Bin Laden’s death was, until the Iranian regime is dismantled there is no chance of peace and stability in the Middle East. The President rightly acknowledged that the death of Bin Laden didn’t mean the end of our struggles against terrorists. Let’s hope that rhetoric is matched by policy determined to keep the fight going, and bring this Islamic menace to heel.

American forces must continue their counterinsurgency against the Taliban. The cut and run caucus in Congress wants American forces out. Truth be told, they never wanted them in. The left has always had a narrow definition of this war. To them it was only about Al-Qaida. They alone were responsible, and they alone were to be hunted. It was more about justice, get the people responsible, put them on trial, and its mission accomplished. What must be made clear to the politicians, and the people, is that it’s not about fighting a particular group, it’s about fighting the entire ideology. As long as there are terrorist groups and terrorist states waging war on the United States of America then we must fight on, whether Al-Qaida is part of the picture or not.

American forces did a great thing in killing Bin Laden, let’s not ruin a great victory by declaring victory too soon.

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