President George W. Bush: Making Decisions and Getting the Point across.

By: Guest Authors

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

President George W. Bush is without a doubt one of the best presidents we will see in our life time. His book takes you through a journey of decisions he had to make as a person and as President of the United States. He won the election because he was the one you wanted to have a drink with. In all fairness he was running against Algore and Kerry. And when you reflect a little, Obama does not have a personality like Bush. Obama does not have the charisma that President Bush shared. He has a great smile and spends a great deal of taxpayer dollars but would you really want to spend time with Obama as a friend? Would he be a close friend like President Bush? As we get to know more about Obama and his big smile, the smile seems to be an illusion. And the more time that he spends in office, as you get to know him, the more his smile seems to be fading. No matter how many times he says “make no mistake” he just doesn’t encourage you to like him.

But looking back at President Bush’s book he tries to give some answers to the tough decisions he had to make. And deep down for most of the decisions if he had to do over, the decisions would be the same. That’s a good thing. He may like to change some aspects of his decisions to make the outcomes better, but since his decisions were based on internal philosophies of a strong man, the decisions would still be the same.

Most conservatives base their beliefs on their inner self. Things like religion, family, faith and trust become a vital part of their core beliefs. And the most fundamental aspect was a simple qualification which was: “Can President Bush leave office with the country in better shape then when he came to Washington”.

He would have accomplished more of his goals but he was hit with Katrina and 911. Fortunately America had a strong, decisive president at the helm. And in the end after 911, because of President Bush and his ability to scare the bejesus out of the terrorists, America has been safe. And for that I would like to thank President Bush and also thank the groundwork he has laid down for America to keep it safe. Some of these protections have been undone by Obama, but as time goes by his liberal advisors are finding out that President Bush was right on target. If the liberal congress didn’t get in his way for most of his terms, President Bush would have done more to protect the nation.

There are a couple of points that President Bush brings to light. Some of these points have been made by others, but water boarding and advanced interrogation and the information gained has saved thousands of innocent lives. And it was the last resort. And it was accomplished on a select few which numbered three to be exact. And from these three many lives were saved and the terrorists’ networks were brutally destroyed. Is the protection forever? Probably not, we need to have intelligence and interrogation to completely destroy the terrorists.

There was a great deal of garbage spued over the issue of WMD’s in Iraq. And as he explained everyone thought and believed WMD’s existed in Iraq. The point here was that Saddam himself wanted everyone to believe he had WMD’s. He paid for missiles that were to be shipped from North Korea. So was there one reasonable person in the entire world who would not believe there were WMD’s in Iraq if its fearless leader was stating there were WMD’s in Saddam’s country? And keep in mind there were many reasons to invade Iraq, WMD’s was only one of the many reasons listed for removing Saddam.

In President Bush’s book he takes the reader through all the hoops he jumped through before he ordered the attack on Iraq. He had the vote of congress, something Obama did not have for Libya. Actually it was voted on twice. Initially President Bush was given permission to go after the terrorists. We were at war with the terrorists. And there were terrorists in Iraq before President Bush ordered the strike. There were also terrorists making weapons in Iraq. Matter of fact the first air strike in Iraq was a hit on a terrorist weapons factory.

Another interesting point is that Saddam was offered asylum in Belarus. Some how a deal was brokered for a billion or two by a Middle East country before the war occurred. And Saddam turned it down. Just think a few months later they found him in a dirt hole in the ground. And a short time after that, he was hung for his atrocities by his own people.

So Saddam missed out on a wonderful opportunity. But like “Gaddaffy” maybe he didn’t trust the people who brokered the deal. But in hindsight Saddam had no choice. His only gamble was that the attack was only a bluff. No one will ever think that America is filled with a bunch of paper tigers again. If you hurt our citizens you will pay for it many times over. If you attack the Pentagon, you might want to hide.

One of his many accomplishments which I think President Bush never received praise for from the liberal media was the changes that occurred in Afghanistan. After Russia pulled out, Afghanistan was nothing but a third world country with ruthless Taliban preventing any growth what so ever to occur in their country. In a short period after President Bush’s invasion, millions of people in Afghanistan were allowed to vote in free elections. Women were allowed to vote and attend schools.

And for the first time in a long time people were allowed to display their emotions. They could sing, fly kites, and basically have fun in public, something they were not allowed to do under the Taliban. But President Bush only received criticisms from the liberal press. And the great part is that President Bush never sought or asked for the praise he deserved. He didn’t need a Noble Peace Prize. The most important award of all was the reports and the change for democracy that took place in Afghanistan because of the sacrifices made by Americans and their friends in the coalition.

One other great distinction is that President Bush had his 8 years and he is done. Like a Roman emperor he is now in retirement. He did his part, now it is up to someone else to carry the American banner of freedom. Not like Carter or Clinton, these guys are still trying to prove that they were good presidents. They don’t quite understand you build your legacy while you are president, not after you leave office!

It was Carter who warned the world that in the first Desert Storm War 10,000 to 50,000 Americans would be lost. What were we to do, sit by and watch Saddam with the largest army in the world take over Kuwait? Carter would have preferred if we used sanctions. You think the UN finally gets it, sanctions don’t work. In the end Saddam was chased out of Kuwait in about 30 minutes. In 30 minutes most of his forces went up in smoke. Has Jimmy Carter ever apologized for his unsolicited ignorant remarks?

Another tidbit was that Iraq suffered under sanctions for a long time. Because of this, 60% of the population was being fed by the government. If the Obama economy doesn’t kick in soon, maybe that will be true in America as well. There are millions of Americans and illegals on food stamps thanks to Obama’s stellar economic accomplishments. So President Bush went the extra mile to make sure when Iraq was invaded that there was enough support on the ground so that these people would not go hungry.

Dr. Phil disagrees with President Bush’s take on illegal immigrants and social security. Being a true Christian, President Bush felt that we had a duty to help Mexicans to work in America to feed their families in Mexico. Using his heart this makes sense, but as we have seen many of these people don’t appreciate the kindness. It would make more sense to have people come through the front door legally and for the only purpose to become citizens. We don’t need workers, we need good patriotic citizens. And many if not all American citizens have come from foreign countries, but for the most part they came here to become Americans.

Social Security being privatized is a problem. The capitalistic approach is very inviting. But in reality Social Security is only another tax and nothing else. It is disguised as an entitlement. If you really want to fix the problem create more American jobs that are prosperous enough so people can support themselves in retirement and not expect the government to supply them with food, shelter, healthcare and cheese!

One can’t believe that a monument has not been constructed in DC in the name of President Bush. His work in Africa is second to none. Billions of American dollars have been used to save the lives of many Africans, not bad for the “racist from Katrina”. Children were being born with deadly viruses and malaria was killing many Africans. President Bush went to work putting the right people in charge. He appealed to other leaders to donate to the cause. In the end he helped to stabilize many areas of Africa and built a great relationship between the people in Africa and the rest of the world. Millions of people were dying needlessly in Africa. In some cases a handful of pills and preventive measures against mosquitoes saved millions of people from needless death. Again President Bush and his family asked for no accolades. No Noble Peace Prize was necessary. Their award was the happiness and love that America earned from our friends in Africa.

If you get a chance Dr. Phil highly recommends reading President Bush’s book. Most of these presidents are full of bull and when they write books they just can’t turn off the machine. President Bush writes from the heart and takes you on his journey. It was by no means easy, but when you have a moral compass to follow, at least you know what direction you want the country to head. At the very least we didn’t have a president that had to be impeached. President Bush respected the office. And he left the country is far better shape then when he took office! And if you want to see what it is like to be President of the United States for 8 years take the time to read his book. Maybe the liberal media won’t be so hard on the next conservative that moves into the Whitehouse in 2013.


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