Don’t Hang the Birthers out to dry yet!

By: Guest Authors

By: Dr Phil Taverna

The birthers have been looked at in several different ways. Some see them as folks that want clarification. The comediennes see them as loons. You know like the folks that thought President Bush caused Katrina to hit New Orleans. Folks who see people from outer space and people that see racism everywhere they look.

And it can also be understood that the elite do not want this to become a main issue. Does anyone see this as a main issue? It’s fun. But it is clearly not a main issue. And as a result Obama will be known as the president we knew the most about, for good or for bad. He probably has the largest family on the planet. He probably has half-siblings he hasn’t met yet. His father like himself and maybe like Clinton had the ability to get to the inner core of most women. But the birthers’ continuous and relentless pressure forced Obama to show his actual birth certificate. They could have looked the other way like the liberal media, but they didn’t!

But don’t people have a right to question if Obama is a natural born citizen? Of course if you do you are a racist!

It is similar to the royal wedding. Nobody really cares about the wedding. But it is romantic and sweet that our great friends across the pond celebrate this respect of the royal family with such flare and pageantry. Wouldn’t it be great if the liberal media had half the respect they show for the Brits as they displayed for President Bush?

But the birther issue should not end here. It should not end just because Obama finally showed his long form record with the appropriate doctor’s signature. The number one question is if he had this birth certificate bogus or not why did he wait three years to show it? The pundits were quick to say well he was just being a jerk, or mean whatever. Some thought he showed it because of Trump. Others said it was revealed to show the folks on the right as being crazy.

But for the liberal pundits, nobody including Trump ever said that Obama was not born in Hawaii. It was a reasonable request to see more proof. Unfortunately since Obama was half black any request was considered racism. But did all this nonsense hurt Obama? And did Obama bring any negative fallout onto himself?

There is a pot of credibility that every public figure is blessed with. For Republicans the pot starts out much smaller. As the public figure begins to spend his credibility it becomes very difficult because of the effects of the liberal media and the internet to build up credibility once it has been spent.

A great example would be the Clintons. They were blessed by the liberal media. The media helped to hide all their indiscretions. And once the blue dress came out like a dirt stain that could never be bleached out, Clintons’ credibility was gone forever. Some might use words like character, whatever, the point is that he was at a point where he could not go back and recover his lost credibility. It has been lost forever and that will be his legacy no matter how much money he collects for the causes.

Looking at Obama, how much of his credibility has been lost? What if he came clean like Clinton should have done from day one? So somewhere during the campaign with his teleprompters running he could have said something like this:

“I love my mother. She fell in love with foreigners. The first one came from Kenya and he became my father. He married my mother even though he never divorced his first wife. I have only seen him for about 30 days and even though he professed to be a Muslim, he never practiced it and in 30 days he had no effect on me. I barely remember him.

But my Mom hooked up with another foreigner who married her and moved us to Indonesia. He was also a Muslim. But my mom being a Christian kept me hooked up to the bible and not the Koran. I lived in Indonesia with my mother and step-dad and a few more children were born or adopted. I returned to the states and lived with my Christian grandparents for most of my childhood.

I may have been adopted by my step-dad in Indonesia. But when I returned to America I always assumed and believed I was an American Citizen. There will be some of you out there who will argue that if both my parents were not American Citizens I am not a Natural Born Citizen.

So make no mistake, in my heart I am an American. I may feel that this country is more racist then I would like, but if you vote for me, I want to let you know up front that this is my situation. I want to be a transparent president.”

So once Obama made these claims early on in the election, then it would be up to the people to decide if they were going to vote for him. And if he won the election his pot of credibility would still be intact. The electorate does not choose who is on the ballot. They trust the folks who are responsible for qualifying candidates. The electorate only pulls the levers. And 70% to 80% of the votes are pre-ordained to the party of their choosing.

Remember with Bush, he chose to keep his DUI undisclosed. It almost cost him the election. He would have hammered Algore in the election if the liberals did not parade this out weeks before the election. And by not disclosing something that didn’t really matter, President Bush taxed his credibility so much, he almost lost the election. You can only imagine what shape the country would be in if we instead had Algore for 8 years.

So Obama squandered a great deal of his credibility. If he had come clean in the beginning, it is safe to say that most of this would have gone away. But he failed to be the transparent president! He had no choice now to continue to hide his birth certificate, because he would have been hammered with many lawsuits as he filed petitions to be on the ballot in each state. He may still face a similar battle as lawsuits are filed to debate the legal concept of “Natural Born Citizen NBC”.

And let’s face it; nobody knows how this will turn out. The founders were scared to death that England would some how take control of the new country and by some way or another create another dictatorship. So the founders made it real clear that if you or your parents were not American citizens, then you would not be eligible to be president. This was a means to isolate the new born country from influences from an old and powerful monarch.

Many years have passed since the founders drew up this most sacred document so we need someone to draft some new laws as to what we really mean by NBC.

And the states were ready to pass birther laws for the purpose of requiring candidates to prove their NBC issues. These laws should still be passed and new laws laying out exactly what NBC means should be passed. Do you want to allow important issues like this to be decided by liberal judges?

And with the influx of millions of illegal immigrants, in the next 20 years it is possible to see another anchor baby running for president whose parents were never citizens.

Remember the wacko Judges that wanted to crown Algore president even though President Bush had over 200 more Floridian votes. We have witnessed over and over that tainted courts can not be trusted with these sacred issues.

So in the end we must thank the birthers who kept asking for the proof. For the idiots of the world, needing proof to get your driver’s license and becoming president doesn’t seem to be the slightest bit comparable. So we need clear laws passed so we can keep the decision from becoming public spectacles created by the liberals. Especially the ladies of the view who some how wanted to turn the issue into racism.

Obama has squandered a great deal of his credibility. He said he would be transparent. He claimed to be a moderate. He said he would cut the deficit in half by now. He said if he spent billions that unemployment would not go up. He said that Obamacare would cut the deficit and it would not cause the deficit to go up. All these false promises lead to only one result. His allotment of credibility chips is just about gone. And his condescending attitude of calling Trump a “carnival barker” does not add any credibility to his till.

Obama has squandered all his credibility and only 27% believe he is doing the right thing. Most of the people have realized by now that Obama is all talk. He has no plans that will ever lead the country out of the mess he has created. He didn’t have enough respect for Americans to tell the truth from day one. By all accounts it is too late for Obama to change his image. He is still in campaign mode when like President Bush he should be in the planning mode. President Bush had some very clear goals and by all accounts he accomplished those goals.

Obama just keeps blaming everyone else. More than halfway through his first term, the only accomplishments we are stuck with is his Albatross Obamacare and a futile attempt at cap and trade. He still has troops in 3 wars. And unlike President Bush, he has absolutely no exit strategy. The only way to build credibility is to start telling the American people the truth but don’t you think for most of the electorate it is probably too late!


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