Liberty vs Social Conservatives

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By: Chuck Burns

After listening to several radio talk shows today, I have reached the conclusion that many on the right are beginning to stir up their social conservative policies yet again. I believe this to be a mistake, for several reasons.

First, Social Conservatism is not about true liberty. They claim their social beliefs are morally superior to all others, and we must be forced by law to hold to their morals. I have a big problem with that. That’s not liberty. That is extremely authoritarian. You might feel that it is morally reprehensible to practice homosexuality, and that it should not be “allowed.” However, another person might think it’s fine. How do we reconcile these two completely different opinions? We can’t, so we shouldn’t. We need to learn to live and let live. As a Christian, I understand that I cannot force someone else to live like I want them to. They have to want to do it. God commands us “Judge ye not, lest ye be judged!”

Second, we need to expand our “tent.” There are quite a few people who do not agree with our religious beliefs, or our moral beliefs, but are still worried about all the excess government spending. As long as whatever they do doesn’t affect you, why is it your business, and why would you want to scare them away? Perhaps the gay couple down the street thinks that Washington spends way too much money on entitlement programs, why not say “We do too! Come join us!” Instead, many Republicans have been saying “So do we, but until you cleanse yourself of that gayness disease, we don’t want you!” Seriously, which do you think will get their support of our free market, small government ideas?

Third, and this is the biggest deal of all, especially for the younger generations. People simply hate being told what to do, and how to act. Young adults have the most negative reaction, but no one really enjoys it. By getting the social morality issues out of government, and back into the individual, you have far fewer people doing the knee-jerk “I can’t do WHAT? The heck you say, I’ll go do that RIGHT NOW!” reaction, and not hearing the really important message of being fiscally responsible.

Social Conservatives don’t just want to have their morality, they want YOU to have their morality, as well. Forcing your morality on others is immoral.

Lead by example, don’t legislate morality, teach it!

Chuck Burns is the main author at The Southern Libertarian, and he tries, daily, to explain libertarian issues as best he can.

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