Osama, Usama is this just the beginning of the end? But what about the Youths?

By: Guest Authors

By: Dr Phil Taverna

The pundits of the world have exploded in many different directions. And you have to laugh a little at the battle of whose fault is it that America caught Osama.

First off let’s give credit to the military and the CIA. These are the only courageous folks in the mix. To call Obama courageous is a joke. In all fairness if he rode in the helicopter and landed in Osama’s secret compound with gun in hand, then yes that would be courageous. But Obama sits in a well secured environment locked away in the situation room, protected by Hillary and Biden as well as others.

When the liberals mean courageous it takes on a new meaning. It means if the mission failed and all the Navy Seals were killed it might hurt Obama’s political ambitions. So the liberals again are trying to create a new set of words. So what they meant was thank god that Obama like Carter didn’t get in the way of the military doing what it does best.

The real problem socially with all this rhetoric is the words and past behavior. Just recently the liberals still can’t use the word “terrorists”. They are now “militants”.

This is quite upsetting. In simple terms a terrorist is an evil person who kills innocent people and basically they are cowards. They hide like Osama and are not military in any way shape or form. For the militant the definition is quite vague like Obama’s purpose but this includes words like aggressive and warring.

For a liberal a word “militant” somehow covers the person who is a terrorist. I appreciate the fact that the Taliban may be militant. They are the deposed military of Afghanistan. Their purpose may be considered evil, but for the most part they were a military conglomeration. Thanks to President Bush they were kicked out of Afghanistan and roam the streets of Pakistan. Maybe they were the same folks protecting Osama.

But an interesting observation brought to light on Fox News was the remarkable congregation of the youths of America celebrating the death of the number one terrorist. That was the least bit weird. At ground zero you would expect to see the first responders and folks affected the most by 911.

But that is the point. These were the folks most affected by Osama and his terrorist thugs. As a boomer, we were blessed with America being the biggest and the best. The United States military has won many wars and without a doubt are second to none. Our great military was able to sneak into Pakistan and spend 45 minutes next to Pakistan’s military base and the first time they heard about it was probably when one of Osama’s nine wives sent a Morse code signal over to the military base. By then the SEALS were long gone and Osama the mad man of the Middle East was playing his silent harp.

So the point here is that the youths of America are no longer blessed with patriotism. All they hear from the liberal media and its candidates is how weak and evil America is. They hear about how bad our healthcare is. How bad Christianity has been. How bad the food is. How bad the air is. They are fed these lies by the liberal teachers’ unions, the liberal media and the liberal candidates.

So the youths of today have lived through almost 10 years of fear since 911. Who knew when the next plane would be hijacked? And who knew which plane would explode over a crowded city? So you can begin to see we have a whole generation or more who were brought up on fear and in the world of scarcity. Usama was their boogey man. So once they heard that ding dong the witch was dead they began to parade in several places and started chanting USA.

In many ways this was touching but in other ways it was very sad. It was touching because these young Americans finally had something to celebrate about terrorism. They finally were allowed to taste patriotism. Up to this point no matter what President Bush did it was no good to the liberals. So for once Americans as a collective body could forget about the war between the wacko liberals and the capitalists and just celebrate as a patriotic country that the kingpin was dead.

In a matter of minutes probably seconds Osama was tried and sentenced to death twice. If the first bullet didn’t quite do it, the second one was the coup de grace. Could you imagine if President Bush had executed the diplomatic leader of the terrorists? He would be tried for war crimes. At the very least if Osama was unarmed, wasn’t Holder required to be there to read him his rights! What happened to the Geneva Convention? That doesn’t apply if there is no torture. Can anyone imagine that the liberals actually believe this stuff, or is their only purpose to make the other side look bad so they can win political office and spread their wonderful socialism all around the world.

And this is all good. But Obama failed again. Immediately the pundits came out and started making these stupid statements like we have to fear reprisals so we better not piss them off! Are they nuts! We just executed their leader. If that doesn’t piss them off, nothing will. The terrorists already had plans to kill innocent people on your trains!

So if Obama could only grow a pair, now is the time to be like President Bush and explain to them what exactly the Bush Doctrine means. “If you harbor or assist terrorists we are coming to get you. You will be held accountable”. Then Like President Bush, Obama should have displayed the pictures of all the top thugs. And then say something with dignity for a change: “Make no mistake, Osama never heard us coming. He now sleeps with the fishes. If anyone else wants to challenge the American power and determination to protect our citizens, then make my day. You will not hear us coming either. But you will know if you are terrorists planning to hurt Americans or our allies, you will be next”.

And Obama should publicly confess that it was enhanced interrogation that helped to bring down Osama. He should also say: “As we reflect on waterboarding, it is not torture and we will continue to use enhanced interrogation techniques to win the war on terrorism. Let me be clear, we will not wait. If you plan then we will find out through increased spending on intelligence. We will win this war and the terrorists will lose.

And by the way, all the CIA agents and anyone else for that matter who helped to make EIT so successful we thank you and all criminal investigations will cease to exist”.

In closing the double messages that are being sent to our youths need to stop. Every time the liberals knock our country it weakens our citizens and our patriotism and it strengthens our enemies. All of this is done for political reasons. For the sake of American youths and for the whole of America we need patriots and not wimpy complainers!


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