Educational Buffoonery

By: William P. Frasca

The virus plaguing our public schools have excelled to epidemic proportions. Every year our children are subjected to the spread of this contagious disease throughout our educational environment reducing the art of learning into total oblivion. It’s the same old story and it’s not the fight for love and glory. Our children’s intellectual right of passage has been destroyed with a combination of political buffoonery and the self serving exploitations of greed, socialism and spiteful mistruths.

Most of our Public Schools and some Private/Charter Facilities are failing. They don’t even meet the simplest success in achieving the lowest necessary standards placed upon them by any Federal or State educational affiliations. This is not only a shameful scandal, but a mortifying reflection on us.

Our children attend deteriorating pest infested schools, with obsolete, broken or non-existent equipment and supplies. They are forced to submit inside the facility, to unqualified, opinionated Educators and Administrators, with sub par unauthorized, unconstitutional subjects relating to political/social fabrications directed at unsubstantiated blame and accusations.

They’re subjected to a constant existence of looking over their shoulders, leaving them to relying on their own defenses to survive in protecting themselves against escalating violence and an inept system that foolishly protects the predators. School prayer has been eliminated; the Pledge of Allegiance has been left as an option, while social Democratic Liberal deviants and foreign invaders use their influences to manipulate the education of our children.

At the end of the day, going home from this regressing ordeal, they are welcomed outside, by the presence of police officers, and security guards, expecting the worse, obviously there for their own protection. It seems as though there are protected more outside than inside the institution. Normal common Constitutional rights and freedoms are given wholeheartedly to the anti-American and minority but denied to the Patriot, creating an atmosphere of forced tyranny to the so-called non-minority American citizen. Who is easy prey for all? Who can consecrate on reading, writing and arithmetic? When faced with lies, violence, selected democracy and self preservation.

We do have some outstanding schools but their praises and studies are inhabited by an inept Districts lead, by clueless School Boards. These fantastic educational institutions are not given their justified honors and recognitions.

Naturally, the home and family structure are the most important initial stages of any child’s educational development. Unfortunately this cornerstone in our Society has multiple cracks, within our community which weakens the foundation.

What role models do these children have if there’s a total breakdown in the family? Gangs, gangsters, thieves, dope pushers, violence, illegal aliens and anti American influences that absorb their learning experiences? This also includes the self serving despicable bureaucratic demigod that uses them all for profit.

They witnessed runaway corruption. Multiple unnecessary appointments of high level Administrators. These individuals are left unrestrained, to milk the system financially with exorbitant salaries, perks and expenditures. They are subjected to forced illegitimate manufactured undocumented falsehoods in American History, while glorifying the blood suckers and enemies of our Capitalist Ideologies.

These home grown intellectual terrorist are freely welcomed to inflict their accusations, pleasure and bogus interpretations in humiliating our Country, our Constitution, our Forefathers, as well as condemning and falsely reproaching the whole white race labeling them responsible for all the evil throughout the history of the world. These so-called fictitious identifications hold an empty criticism in describing all that is sacred as selfish imperialistic murderers for profit and racists. They shamefully use the education of our children to publicize their sick agenda which is to Blame America First, while disgracing our heritage and all it stands for.

This must not continue. This can easily be stopped by holding all Educators and Administrators feet to the fire, especially the gutless politicians if the Board is appointed. We must become more involved in the educational process, reprimanding them when it is warranted, and voting intelligently, with less apathy, to elect individuals that will go back to the basics. Educators that will enlighten our children properly, in accordance with the approval and unity of the parents and guardians, and students to improve test scores so they will be competitive throughout the world.

The united triangle of Parents, Educators and Children to form a unique bond of excellence must be preserved. Forced opinionated politically corrupt education should not be permitted and tenure on all levels must be eliminated.

We were forced to endure for years an unrestrained politically correct educational system used as a political dumping ground of kickbacks and paybacks. Unfortunately, the Democratic Socialistic Marxist Liberal Democratic Party and Progressives took over the system, while the Conservatives and the American people fell asleep at the wheel fearful of being tattooed by them as being socially prejudice and intolerant.

This created such a chaotic tailspin of regression that our school districts are faced with approved incompetent teachers and School Boards that are responsible to no one but themselves and their own self approved ideologies. We are continually shamed and humiliated by this takeover. They have had complete and ultimate control, which graced us with their reprehensible, degrading, curriculum, some so absurd as to preach and endorse violence and the overthrow of our Government.

This obviously rendered the people, taxpayers, parents, guardians and students powerless. We allowed them to arrogantly perform their vanity, which states, they know better than us, in raising and educating our own children. While they exhibit the three monkeys syndrome, which is to hear, see, and speak no evil relating to all our concerns and essentially well constructed demands and requests that would enhance descent moral educational consciousness and human behavior.

Don’t be complacent. Don’t sit home, vote. Peacefully demonstrate, attend the School Board Meetings, and don’t be afraid, speak up, use all non-violent American forms of protest, by using the phone, write, sign and initiate petitions, e-mail, write articles, get involved.

Express your outrage, because our children’s educational development is at stake, which is presently being warped by incompetence and political correctness. Don’t blindly vote for a proposed budget without investigating and requesting these pertinent questions answered. Who, what, when, where, why and how is this money going to be allocated.

Elect qualified Board candidates that are proud of our Country and Education, without using the fine art of brain washing our children into a made up form of one sided mistruths and improper guidance, debasing our learning process by undermining the proper pertinent details in our proud American History.

They administer their own enhanced interpretations, which include improper documentation of social injustices, with forced Marxist studies and falsehoods. They become judge, jury and executioner. Stop them peacefully from demeaning our freedoms, our heritage, our Constitution, our heroes, our military, our forefathers, our greatness, our compassion and our generosity in which we as a Nation displayed throughout our existence. Don’t give up, unite. Together we can change this hypocrisy. Our children are worth it.

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