Obama Sabotages US Immigration System and Lies for Amnesty


President Obama omitted any mention of the negative consequences of illegal immigration while intentionally confusing illegal aliens with legal immigrants as he pushed for Amnesty in El Paso this week.

“Our immigration system is not broken; it has been sabotaged by presidents like Obama who refuse to honor existing federal laws, the US Constitution, and their oath of office,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “If that is what Obama refers to as ‘ugly rhetoric’ then so be it.”

In Obama’s 30 minute speech supporting Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty (CIRA), he completely refused to acknowledge any of the negative impacts on Americans from illegal immigration. His speech glorified past waves of legal immigration and the accomplishments of legal immigrants in his efforts to confuse listeners about his Amnesty plans.

“Obama shows us in this speech that he cannot be trusted and that he is clearly aligned with those who are invading the United States, and he represents their interests over the Americans he swore to serve by honoring the Constitution,” said William Gheen. “His claim that the border is secure is a lie and should be considered another act of treason. The border is not secured and Americans are dying and losing their jobs and homes over his failure to protect all states from invasion as the Constitution demands.”

While Obama extols the number of Border Patrol agents, he fails to acknowledge that agents are ordered to only catch and release most illegal aliens or to simply return illegals to Mexico to reenter the next night.

Obama claims “the fence is complete” which is an incredible lie.

Democrats in Congress and the Senate have recently filed the Dream Act Amnesty bill once again, despite the fact that it has been defeated six times and that numerous certified and scientific polls show 2 to 1 opposition to such legislation among American citizens.

n his speech, Obama does cite his support for Amnesty for illegal aliens and billionaire aristocrats such as Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News.

“If Obama and the Democrats succeed by working with RINO Republicans to pass any form of Amnesty and illegal aliens become legal voters, then there will be no reasonable hope for future borders or immigration enforcement in America,” said William Gheen. “Nothing in Obama’s speech addresses this concern. It is his intention to overthrow the influence of more than 12 million American voters who will be dispossessed of a nation if CIRA passes.”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is gearing up to meet and defeat Obama’s push for Amnesty once again. The organization has played a central role in defeating Amnesty legislation on many occasions. For more information about ALIPAC’s efforts or to join our e-m ail alerts please visit www.ALIPAC.us

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