Another Corrupt Judge

By: Keith Allison

I don’t believe there is anything I feel more contempt for than a corrupt judge delivering unconstitutional decisions that affect the lives of American citizens; especially when that judge, in all probability, made his decision on how much a defendant paid him under the table for an erroneous decision.

One such ethically challenged judge I have just learned of is one Sam R. Cummings, an obvious miscreant who hides behind the authority of the United States District Court in Dallas, Texas. My opinion of Sam R. Cummings being the equivalent of a particularly smelly item I periodically need to scrape from my boots after walking through our pasture will go to the grave with me. My contempt for Sam R. Cummings is based solely upon his disrespect for the law and the Rights of an American citizen.

Four months or so ago, a friend of mine, Ray Hernandez, filed a Motion for a Default Judgment against elements of the dental community throughout Texas. Ray made numerous motions for a Default Judgment after the 21 day time limit for the defendants to respond to the lawsuit had elapsed, but no answers were forthcoming from the miscreant hiding behind judicial authority. Finally, after about his fourth attempt at obtaining a Default Judgment judge Sam R. Cummings denied Ray’s motion. Cummings only response was: “The Court having considered Plaintiff’s Motion for Default Judgment by the Clerk, filed May 16, 2011, is of the opinion that the same should be denied. This, after informing plaintiff Ray Hernandez that the defendants had “never responded to his lawsuit.” Such a finding or admission by any ethical judge that the defendants had failed to respond, should have resulted in the granting of a Default Judgment in favor of the plaintiff.

Another thing about Cummings delusions of grandeur from the bench is that he failed to give any findings of facts and/or conclusions of law which he should have given in order to justify his refusal to find in the Plaintiff’s behalf. I can only wonder at the mental state of this reprehensible piece of human trash occupying a position of public trust on the federal bench; he didn’t even have the decency about him to attempt to cite any Court Rules or Federal Statute in justification of his actions without a showing of good cause. From all outward appearances, it seems that Cummings must have delved deeply into the bank accounts of the defendants, rather than comply with statutory and/or case laws when he failed to justify his decision in the case. How could this imbecile make a decision to deny Ray’s motion when he had already informed Ray that the defendants did not respond to his lawsuit? That should have been an automatic guilty verdict when they submitted nothing in their own defense; that is unless what they did submit to Cummings was in the form of United States currency or some other reward for prostituting his position on the bench.

My suggestion to any other citizen’s who find themselves in Cummings court, is to find someone in the judicial system who respects the rule of law and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and have your case removed from Cummings’ court and his questionable ability to make an honest decision.

Cummings, you’re lucky you live among civilized people these days. Had you lived in the time of Judge Roy Bean, you would have been lucky if they only tarred and feathered you before running your mangy hide out of town on a rail.

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