Arab Spring Will Lead to Iranian Harvest

By: Craig Chamberlain

Americans always cheer for the little guy. We root for David over Goliath, Rocky over Apollo Creed, the Continental Army over the British. So it’s not too surprising that the initial American reaction to the uprisings in the Arab world would be to support the people in the streets working to bring down the current leaders of the region. It’s an understandable response. The Arab dictators are a loathsome bunch who run totalitarian police states and inflict pain and death on their own people without the slightest hesitation or remorse.

Most people cheered when President Mubarak stepped down, and felt sympathy, and hope, for the people in the streets. As things go on, however, it should be more and more obvious that these uprisings are not democratic uprisings akin to the revolutions that swept eastern Europe in 1989. The signs of what these revolutions are really after are far more troubling.

In Egypt the biggest winner has been the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood, for those who have been living under a rock, is a fanatical Muslim group that is dedicated to violence, jihad, the destruction of Israel, and is violently anti- American. With the removal of Mubarak the Brotherhood has gladly stepped in to fill the political void. They got a constitutional referendum passed(by a landslide) that greatly limits the abilities of those who truly want a liberal democracy, and all but ensures that the Brotherhood will be in total control of the country by the end of the year. Already Egypt is moving from a Pro American alliance willing to maintain the peace treaty with Israel, to a pro Iranian position with the avowed intention of waging war against Israel.

Ever since the fall of Mubarak, who was certainly no friend to freedom, conditions have worsened especially for the Coptic minority. They have seen their churches burned, their congregants kidnapped, and forced to convert to Islam. The one Coptic governor in the country was forced to resign, simply because he was a Copt. The very presence of a Christian leader was too much for the Brotherhood.

In Libya Qaddafi is fighting for his life against a tribal uprising. But an uprising for what? Despite the rhetoric there is no evidence that the Libyan people are interested in democratically elected government, the rule of law, human rights, or individual freedom. What Libya is interested in, apparently, is Jihad. It was Libya who contributed the most fighters to Iraq, on a per capita basis, to fight and kill Americans. Now, to be clear, Qaddafi needs to go, and no one should feel sorry for him. As grotesque as Qaddafi is, its likely that an Islamic regime will be invigorated and more committed to terrorism. Qaddafi is innocent of nothing, but do we need a Libya ruled by a different terrorist clique? Same business, just new management.

In Syria, which is another odious police state, the people are rioting against the dictatorship of Bashar Al- Assad, the same man that Hillary Clinton and the State Department labeled a “reformer.” The Syrian people, like the Libyan people, have every right to hate their government. But again we should ask, who is backing these movements. The Arab world has no real experience with democracy, unless you count the sectarian nightmare in Lebanon(which is now ruled by Hezbollah) and Iraq is only democratic because American forces went in their and overthrew the Saddam regime. Not coincidentally Iraq is one of the few countries in the region not to experiencing mass movements to overthrow the government.

But back to Syria. It’s unlikely, that if Assad falls, he will be replaced a peaceful, democratic regime. Iran already rules the country as a client state and is not going to be willing to let that go. And that’s the constant theme. Iran. It’s Iran that brought down the government in Lebanon and replaced it with Hezbollah, it’s the Iranians that are fomenting unrest in Bahrain, they have allied themselves with Hamas in Gaza, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and they are behind the movement to overthrow the President of Yemen.

By the time this all plays out the Arab spring will be an Iranian harvest, with the Mullahs reaping Lebanon, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya into their sphere of influence, and taking their revolution with them. They also have their eyes on Iraq, hoping that they can move in the minute US forces leave the country. And what is the American response to this Iranian attempt to export its Hitleresque revolution, destabilize the region, and almost certainly start a war with Israel? Silence.

Just like Truman lost China, Obama will lose the Middle East. He’s too busy licking the boots of the Mullahs to realize that Iran is an implacable foe of the United States, and that no amount of dialogue is going to pacify them. They want to control the region, wipe out Israel, and fight the United States, and we’re letting them get away with it. Instead of supporting the real democrats, those who really believe in the ideas of freedom, human rights and democracy, we are caving into the radical “street” in the belief that this will earn us some goodwill.

If we wanted to end the war on terror we would take out Iran like the cancerous tumor that it it. That would solve a great many of our problems with the jihadist movement, and would allow real freedom to have a chance to blossom in this Arab spring.

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