Rush is a Racist, what next? Maybe there is no middle ground so stop looking.

By: Guest Authors

By: Dr Phil Taverna

The other day a caller called Rush a racist? And the only reason Rush was called a racist is because he disagreed with Obama! This is nothing new; in my columns we make fun of the folks who call anybody a racist if they question Obama. Let’s face it, all the people who were searching for the birth certificate were absolutely racists at least according to the ladies of the View. But something came to light that must be shared. The caller was probably black, and it’s not hard to imagine some Democrats and Republicans sharing a few similar views. But when you look at the difference between a socialist and a capitalist there is no middle ground! If you think a lot about this, one can only come to a solitary conclusion. Most people can call the other side loons, idiots any name you can make up but there is one fundamental difference.

It was always thought that the liberals only dealt with emotions. And the capitalists deal in facts. If we focus on this point would you expect to find any common ground?

Now let’s take this a little further and think more right sided and left sided brain function.
This can be pretty well simplified to say that the left sided folks are more exact in the way they see life. And the right sided folks are more loosey goosey about things. It’s ok if everything is not exact and if it’s close that’s ok also. We can take this a little further and if you have someone way to the right side of the brain, they have great imagination. This is the person that needs no facts.

Some argue that it’s a mix of both that makes it all work. For example if you are dreaming why not use the right side of the brain. If you are thinking out of the box you better use the right side to explore outside the box and bring it into focus with the left side of the brain. Maybe instead of focus we can use the term accountable.

My youngest granddaughter is a genius. When I call her that she denies it. She says she is a girl. But at about 2 or maybe younger she pressed every button she could find. And she was looking to see what happened when she pressed the button. It is no wonder she will be 3 very soon and she can work a computer quite well. Play games on the computer and she knows exactly what she is doing. When Dr. Phil was three he was probably banging those pegs in the board with a hammer, back then we didn’t even know what a computer was!

If you are tracking with me, my granddaughter is using her left side of the brain. She hits a switch or clicks something on the computer screen and she remembers and connects the fact that the next time she does that she would expect the same result. And unfortunately you will probably see more right sided children being raised by right sided parents and vica versa.

So back to the black caller, this man was not angry. He sounded quite pleasant but in his right sided brain he made the conclusion that Rush was a racist. Now Rush being a great left sided brain individual, can argue until the cows come home but there is no way that he will ever convince the caller that he is not a racist. And we better start to understand that and accept that conclusion. So the real reason we can’t find common ground is that both communicators are using a different language. A right sided person can not really communicate with a left sided person on particular issues.

One would guess that the perfect person has a perfect balance from left and right brain and can bounce back and forth and come to the perfect conclusion. But if you believe that then I got some property to sell you …

But when you listen to the liberals and the socialists like Obama, Colmes, and Moore to name a few, they live more to the right side of the brain. It is kind of opposite of the terms that are more popular when we say he is far left. If you lean to the right you are a capitalist. But if a capitalist is more judgmental and lives in a more black and white world factually, then they are using the proverbial left side of their brain.

One other conclusion is that the socialists like Obama imagine things. For example, Obama believes thanks to the right side of his brain that the illegal immigrants can’t get into this country anymore. You can bombard him with all the facts in the world and just because 445,000 illegal people were caught in one area last year and millions of pounds of drugs were seized, he just accepts the fact that’s to his right sided brain that there are no illegal immigrants coming into the country anymore. So even if we had a moat and alligators (crocodiles might survive better in the desert areas) it would not make any difference.

Most of us call this ego. And we might think he is the stupidest man on the planet but in his brain he sees a different world. And the bad news is that you probably can’t change his opinion. There might be a psychologist or two out there who might come up with a few exercises to train liberals to use their left side of the brain more, but good luck with that.

So let’s love our liberals and use their thinking to make the capitalists a bit more compassionate. But if you start talking about accountability and debt ceilings and budgets you might as well forget about discussing accountability with liberals.

They may be good for tolerance and touchy feely words like that, but at the end of the day their definition of accountability is a whole lot different than yours. There will be no common ground to be found!

So I guess when we are all said and done, the next time you want to elect a president you better make sure he has his head on straight. It doesn’t mean he is bad because he is more right brained then most. But don’t expect him to be accountable. Obamacare was not accountable. And his amnesty will not be accountable as well. But in Obama’s world he will be in his glory if he can pass Obamacare and ObamAmnesty. If you don’t use the left side of the brain, then you are sure to enjoy of world of pure fantasy and swear that it will work as well!


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