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May 26, 2011

Game On: Pawlenty calls for phase-out of ethanol subsidies

Filed under: Elections & Voting,In The News,The Republicans - 26 May 2011

Tim Pawlenty is serious. I’ve been saying for awhile that a ticket with Pawlenty, a two-term governor from Minnesota, at the top, and a galvanizer – an Allen West or a Marco Rubio – at the bottom, can bring …

New al-Qaeda chief threatens Brits with retaliation

Filed under: War On Terror - 26 May 2011

Over the weekend, United Kingdom military and police forces have increased security measures at various locations after hearing the new al-Qaeda leader Saif al-Adel promise his group would perpetrate terror attacks throughout London to avenge the death of Osama bin …

Palestine – Obama Continues To Fudge On America’s Commitment To Israel

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 26 May 2011

President Obama in an address to the AIPAC Policy Conference on 22 May has failed to redress the enormous damage done by him to America’s integrity and reputation during his speech three days earlier at the State Department.

“Green” Products and Free Market Conflicts

In recent years the move toward green products and technologies has gone into overdrive. Everything from the expansion of windmills and solar technologies to the hard rush toward passenger vehicles that run on alternative fuels is in the media. Few …