Taxes just one more time and it will be just perfect.

By: Guest Authors

By: Dr Phil Taverna

The big argument now is that the deficit is too large so let’s get it under control. One half wants to reduce spending, the other side wants to tax. The latter was the same group that was going to spend (tax revenue) its way out of the recession they created. Now they want you to buy the notion that they can tax their way to prosperity. After all Clinton was the greatest because he raised your taxes.

Here are 2 simple systems that will solve all your problems. They have talked or threatened about having a federal sales tax. But this tax could be the ideal solution to the problem. The biggest problem we have with the government is that the more you give them the more they spend. It is just human nature. When is enough enough? The fact of the matter is when it comes to politicians there is never enough revenue for all their pet projects.

Do you have any idea how many taxes you pay directly and indirectly? Throw in all those fines and fees that you have to pay. Real estate taxes, death taxes and the list of taxation categories are probably infinite. So what we do is simple, we eliminate all these taxes and fees and fines.

What does this mean? This means if you own a home you can stay there for life, because once you pay off the mortgage it is yours and you won’t be forced into bankruptcy by the increase in real estate taxes and all sorts of endless taxes. And if you end up with three moving violations, instead of paying a tax, you answer to your insurance company and you may lose your driving privileges as well.

The beauty of one single, solitary sales tax is that everyone can watch the number. And the people get to vote on the increase in rate and not the greedy politicians. You know the folks that pay themselves first and you last sometimes never!

The Fair Tax pundits claim that the tax would be about 23 percent. For a single, solitary federal sales tax it might be a little higher. Now that may seem a little high. But let’s dissect the issues. Let’s say you buy something for a hundred dollars. Then you also pay an additional 23 dollars to cover the federal sales tax. Now that may seem like a lot, but hold on a minute. Most of these states are hitting you with a sales tax of 7 to 8 percent already. What about when you go over some of these bridges and you have to pay a fortune in tolls, thank god you only have to pay in one direction… just think the return trip is FREE just like Obamacare.

No tax returns to file! No monthly estimates to pay. Your take home pay is larger because there is no withholding except for maybe FREE healthcare and benefits. Guys like Miller and O’Reilly claim they are paying 50% already. And O’Reilly told Hillary and Obama that he wouldn’t mind paying more!

So this all sounds good doesn’t it? But if you have a half a brain you know that taxation without representation is only part of the problem. How do we control spending?

That’s the easiest part. If there is a constitutional amendment in place, then the greedy politicians are limited by the amount of federal sales tax they can collect. And they can’t change the rate without the whole damn country voting on it. And the beauty is the trickle down effect. The feds collect all the money. And then the money gets released to the states who then release it to the counties who then release it to the cities and townships.

This could be fun. All of a sudden you will have a lot of folks keeping an eye on the money. If the state and the Feds over spend, then there won’t be much money left to filter down to the smaller government entities.

So in a nutshell anybody who buys something pays a tax and that is it. So at the end of the day if you have a hundred dollars in your pocket, you know for a fact that the one hundred dollars is yours. You don’t have to worry about whether you need to pay more in taxes at the end of the quarter. You don’t have to worry about your mortgage escrow going up because the real estate taxes went up. Renters will be paying less rent because the landlords won’t have to pay the ever increasing real estate taxes.

If a drug dealer can’t pay any income tax because he doesn’t have any legal income, no problem every time he buys something like a car, drug paraphernalia, or whatever he pays federal sales tax on it.

And you don’t have to worry about the crooked politicians ripping you off, because their spending will be limited by the amount of revenue that the Federal Sales Tax brings in. How many times have you heard that your politician was going to vote to cut spending? But at the end of the fiscal year the budget always seems to go up.

All the blame does not end there. A lot of the increased spending comes from stupid regulations that the Feds and Courts place on the schools and government entities. They don’t care; the money will come from the locals. Think how cool that will be when all new regulations will have to come with a provision to pass more income (tax revenue) to the other entities to implement the stupid regulations. Betcha that will slow down the regulations brought to you by the EPA.

So let’s use an example. EPA says that all widgets will have to be tested for lead. Now that’s going to cost all the townships a bundle to have their widgets tested. Today, they just pass on the cost to you in terms of an increase in your real estate taxes, pretty cool right. The EPA doesn’t give a crap where the money comes from. They just keep passing the regs. Who cares? They don’t care about your wallet!

But with the Federal Sales Tax, the EPA will have to find money to pay for all these stupid regs. They either have to convince the public to raise the Federal Sales tax to pay for the implementation of the stupid regulation or the crooked politicians have to find somewhere to make a cut to cover the regulation. Neither one will probably happen.
Like Lady Obama’s dopey food regulations, if the money must come from the federal budget all of a sudden it doesn’t look politically or fiscally like a good idea.

So damn the debt ceiling and all these stupid games. Just change the U.S. Constitution. Make it unconstitutional to have any other tax, regulation or fine. And make it constitutional to have only one tax, the Federal Sales Tax whose rate can only be changed by the people. Now can you feel the paradigm shift? Instead of a corrupt republic we are finally moving toward a true Democracy! Full speed ahead!


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