Barack Hussein Obama: Consider Impeachment

By: Michael John McCrae

I see our foreign-born-but-elected-usurper has finally made it to Missouri. Travelling around Europe, discovering once socialist countries embracing capitalism must have confused our inexperienced chief executive. Sadly, he still lives in 2008, thinks he’s Irish, screwed with English Royalty protocol and made a few meaningless speeches while trying to suck up all the credit for having a defenseless Osama bin Laden killed. Now, I don’t begrudge Obama for wanting to take credit. I was overjoyed when I heard we’d finally found the crud living in his Pakistani Palace, watching pornography between planning the deaths of more innocent people. I was very satisfied Obama took a page from the Book of Bush, rather the children’s book of Clinton.

It was interesting to me that an “autopen” was used to sign the Patriot Act extension in absence of the person who offered three forged birth certificates to close the mouth of Donald Trump. I was wondering just who was running the country. Do you suppose that we could simply set up a teleprompter for the next Obama speech and let us all read it off our television screens? Perhaps we can just leave the “autopen” in the Oval Office and allow government to function while Obama plays golf, takes another European vacation or investigates his true African roots in Kenya?

Call me cynical if you must, but our president is not a good executive. He is an inexperienced pretender and I believe he is being manipulated by George Soros-like goons. I have been reading Michele Malkin’s “Culture of Corruption”. It is a terrific read into the monetary depths of the liberal democrats President Obama has surrounded himself with. Oh, the things they have done and are doing now may be on the edge of legality, but those things are nowhere near the best interests of Americans in general. You might be surprised at all the Friends of Obama (FOO) who are now cooling their heels behind bars. Even more surprising would be all the FOO folks who are running the government when they should be behind bars.

Power, greed and money are the goals of democrats. They decry the millions of say, Newt Gingrich: that he has a large account at Tiffany’s. Yet, you don’t hear a peep about the millions of dollars of Union and special interest money flowing into Democrat coffers. Now, I don’t wear jewelry, but if I was a millionaire who wore Rolex watches, I’d probably invest in a credit account with Tiffany or some other high-end jeweler. Shall media start digging into Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi or even Michele Obama’s personal jewelry preferences?

I haven’t been writing because I’ve been completely annoyed with the current administration. The Senate reminds me of a toilet that hasn’t been flushed. The House is far too timid to smack a president trying to destroy America’s economy. Obama is promising billions of dollars to groups in Egypt and Tunisia that support the Muslim Brotherhood. Point is these groups should not get a dime until they’ve effectively overthrown their dictatorships, established true democratic reform and endorsed Israel as a valid nation. The so-called “rebel” groups are all being influenced by the radical elements of Islam. They are all calling for the destruction of Israel and the bolstering of terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. Obama has sided with the Muslims; calling for a return to 1967 borders. That’s idiotic, dangerous for our lone, democratic, Middle Eastern ally and it is what I expect from any anti-Semitic narcissist.

I don’t care who grabs the Republican Nomination for the 2012 presidential election. With ten percent unemployment, twenty-two percent underemployment, five dollar gasoline, rising food prices, soaring national debts and a deep, dark, mirror-image of Jimmy Carter lying about every aspect of his administration, Barack Hussein Obama does not deserve a second term. Hell, in my opinion Congress should be considering impeachment.

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