Over 30,000 Felons get out of Jail Free card. Wouldn’t you like to live near those prisons!

By: Guest Authors

By: Dr Phil Taverna

The Supreme Court weighed in and ruled that California must release over 30,000 convicted criminals before their normal release time.

Let’s look at this from a few different perspectives. First off how much did it cost to get to this decision? How long did it take to get there? And did anyone try to use a shred of common sense? And last but not least if this doesn’t make sense how did the liberal judges get on the bench?

This is a 91 page decision. And there are three different opinions included in the ruling. But more than 30,000 prisoners will get out of jail free. Most of us live in areas that don’t have 30,000 people living in one area; can you just imagine what an assault that must be to any area? But the good news is that these folks were probably not guilty in the first place and it was just a miscarriage of justice all along and it’s a great way for 5 liberal justices to set them free. Instead of 30,000 separate appeals, five liberal votes will set you free!

From a practical stand point do you have any idea how much lawyers, judges and their staffs were paid to come to reach this decision? You have to ask yourself didn’t California know that their State Pens were overcrowded and how come they didn’t do anything about it.
Technically it all started in 1990. Millions of dollars have been wasted by all this nonsense that started a long time ago. It could be in the billions!

And in a nutshell the problem seems to stem from inadequate treatment of prisoners with medical and mental illnesses. Nothing was said about inadequate eating; they found one case where there were 50 guys to one toilet. I guess these judges have never flown on a commercial flight.

But add up all the costs it required to get over 30,000 people to that time in their lives. You have the police who arrested these folks and their benefits. You have the prosecutors’ office and the public defenders and their costs and benefits as well. You have the Court system and the incarceration system. Add this all up and the benefits and its costs are well into the billions and 5 liberal judges were able to waste all that money with one liberal vote!

Assuming that they actually do release over 30,000 felons, what do you think it will cost to release these folks into society? There probably won’t be a job waiting for them thanks to the Obama economy, so it will cost the California system even more money to place 30,000 folks on the public dole. And if they just release all the folks with physical and mental illnesses then they all will need to be covered by Medicaid. That’s going to cost more money and lots of it. And what percentage of these folks will end up back in the pokey.

Also factor in the morale of all the law enforcement folks. They spent thousands of (wo)men hours to arrest and process over 30,000 felons, so what’s the point of processing the next 30,000! We have always joked about the police having quotas for writing tickets, California should have a quota for the number of arrests made. That number needs to be reduced by at least 30,000!

There will be a bunch of Harvard law professors who will weigh in and say this was a great decision. Well written and all the usual baloney. But as usual the end result is stupid! And we all know that it comes down to the interpretation of laws, but there is no provision to have an alternative that uses common sense. So since 1990 nobody thought it would be a good idea to fix the problem or come up with some laws to give alternatives to fix the problem without letting almost 40,000 felons loose on society.

So it comes down to the effect of liberal judges. Liberal judges are appalled that so many folks are being locked up. If any of them are Latino or Black then surely the fact that these folks are incarcerated will mean society has treated them unfairly.

So the easiest alternative would be to ship these fine folks out to other states. With the way the economy is, it would be hard to imagine that there are no vacancies at any other state prisons. Just have California ship these fine folks to other states. We have the technology to take care of the legal aspects by video etc. It will probably cost California more, but society wins out. The incarcerated stay incarcerated. It’s a win-win situation.

But this would not make sense to the liberal judges. My bet is they don’t live in the neighborhoods that are going to be inundated by released felons. Here’s where we need a bunch of grown-ups to show up and fix the problem with common sense, not just a 91 page opinion.

The good people of the United States must understand that they put the liberal judges in power. Just recently it was a bunch of liberal judges in New Jersey who decided cuts could not be made in the budget. So you know who’s going to have to pay for the non-cuts? You are. The liberal judges won’t be paying!

The legal system is broken. To start with they are paid way too much money. And all the judges should not have lifetime appointments. There should always be a means to get rid of the judges that have their own liberal agenda. If these liberal judges reside in Washington DC, they have no concern as to where the more than 30,000 felons some with mental illnesses are going to be released in California.

So maybe when we look at this giant deficit that hangs over the federal government and many of the states, it is not all the fault of the legislature and liberal presidents like Obama. It is more the fault of all the liberal judges that have been appointed by the Democrats and Liberal presidents like Clinton and Obama. When was the last time you witnessed a unanimous verdict on a major issue?

So to fix the problem, you better stop electing governors and presidents that are liberal. Because by the end of the day, there are no liberal judges that are accountable to the people. If it costs more taxpayer dollars to pass a ruling that lacks all notion of common sense, they don’t care. For the most part the liberal judge will not be affected by the ruling. There is a great deal of talk about laying off teachers, when will we hear talk about permanently laying off liberal judges!


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