Judicial Corruption, A National Disgrace

By: Keith Allison

Any public official, particularly judges, who violate their oaths of office, represent the most despicable element of life plaguing American society. These often elected or otherwise political appointee’s too often disgrace not only their offices and the black robes of justice they purport to represent, but more importantly, the trust of the very citizenry who have elected them and placed them in these positions of honor. I don’t subscribe to the theory that all of our judges are corrupt, but of the ones I’ve run across of late, I wouldn’t invite any of them into my home lest they decide to walk out of there with something of modest importance to me. You know, something like the shirt from my back.

I do not believe that all of our judges need to be tossed into the same rubbish heap; I do believe there are yet a select few who still believe in the Rule of Law, and justice for one and all. To that handful of judges who still believe in the principles of our Constitution and the Amendments thereto, I offer my heartfelt respect and thanks.

As a student of history, I must opine that having judges with no respect for their fellow man or the concept of law and order makes me nervous. It makes me nervous because they are precisely the sort of judges throughout Nazi Germany who turned their collective backs on the plight of European Jews as Hitler set his plot in motion to wipe the Jewish race from the face of the earth. Ladies and gentlemen, that is all it takes for another Hitler to take power in America or any other nation. When the law no longer means anything to those who are charged with its enforcement and the protection of the people, there will always be another Hitler ready to slither from whatever personal hellhole he lives in, for the sole purpose of eliminating those he holds in contempt as being inferior to himself.

Accept what I write or not, but I have lived in post war Germany, and I have seen American judges here in the United States who reject the Rules of Law and the constitutional Rights of American citizens when it becomes beneficial to their own well being. That personal well being may be something along the lines of “financial considerations,” or it can emerge from an unsolicited offer for a higher position within the judicial system. And all it takes to obtain the proffered money or higher position is for a judge to turn his/her back on the intent of the law.

As a practicing denturist, I have seen this loss of judicial ethics too many times when it comes to judges caving in to pressures from the dental community to aid them in their efforts to deny denturists of their Right to practice their chosen occupation. I’ve seen this despite United States Supreme Court decisions where the court held: “Nothing is more clearly settled that it is beyond the power of a State, under the guise of protecting the public, to arbitrarily interfere with private business or prohibit lawful occupations or impose unreasonable and unnecessary restrictions upon them.” Or, how about the court decision stating: “The Right to hold specific private employment and to follow a chosen profession free from unreasonable governmental interference comes within the ‘liberty’ and ‘property concepts of the Fifth Amendment.” That first court decision came about in 1932, while the second was aired in 1959.

Even with such recent Supreme Court decisions, I have observed judges throwing those and other higher court decisions to the wind, all while allowing government prosecutors who are purported to know the law, to deny denturists of their Right to practice their chosen occupation of denturitry; an occupation which has been empirically proven to represent no known potential for harm to anyone.

Well, I’ve had my say for the day, but I advance this cautionary statement to the public, maintain a close watch on your judiciary; it’s bad enough to have our legislatures crawling with vermin with no ethics, but when that lack of ethics slithers from beneath the rocks and stones of every-day life, and rears its ugly head from under the protective cover of the judiciary, beware, you may become its next victim.

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