A Chromosome Short

By: William P. Frasca

The constant audacity demonstrated by our present body of representatives now serving their United States constituents, with an exception of a few are an abomination in decency.

Our Federal Government did experience some self inflicted turmoil. These elected members demonstrated that they were a chromosome short of intelligence and ethics, such as Nancy Pelosi, “The Incompetent One”, Harry Reid, The Incoherent One and Barney Frank, “The Clueless Never Wrong One”. These are just to name a few on a long list of Benedict Arnold, home grown Judaist to our Country, and the Constitution. They turned their backs without good conscience on an America Of, By, and For the People. They’re rapidly developing our freedoms into oblivion and into a sorry state, molded in their own greedy, self serving Socialist, Marxist image, by worshiping their false tarnished golden idol called Barack Hussein Obama “The Chosen One” our President.

There are members of Congress and the Senate affected by an unrestrained wide open endorsement of mass corruption that increases with age without any fear or form of punishment or reprimands. They habitually abuse not only our Nation of laws, but they revise it to their own unscrupulous meaning and justification, leaving them untouchable, while others, who don’t mirror their philosophy are chastised for lesser violations. They make the laws, so they feel they could obviously disobey them, it’s like having the fox watch the chicken coop. It has no conscience, sympathy, mercy or remorse after it devours the chickens; the only thing that matters is satisfying its own selfish hunger.

Even when we vote them out of office or they forcefully resign or retire into the sunset we never learn our lesson. Unfortunately we have a sad record of replacing them with individuals that potentially have the same untrusting caliber. They fall into the trap of being manipulated marionettes, controlled by the puppeteer, bought and sold by the highest bidder.

They obviously have no respect to comply with the desires, wishes and well being of the people. The undeniable truth is their prejudicial documentations of agreeing, supporting and voting for almost every sacrilegious maneuver endorsed by our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”. No matter how irrational or absurd by swallowing the kool-aide. This was proven with their vote on Obamacare, which cost many their elected political careers? They follow blindly without administering good decent sympathetic judgment, while disregarding any responsibility of potential consequences, even if it slowly demises our Country.

This slow painful torture will eventually have no Disneyland ending, of living happily ever after, but it will leave few options available and will definitely contribute to a mass regression of quality of life. Anyone agreeing to this disgraceful display of accepting exorbitant increases in payments, without productivity, must definitely question one’s intelligence. There are some Representatives that truly believe in a logical approach, but unfortunately they are a minority.

The same mistakes are repeated, throughout the years. Do they really expect pounding businesses, big and small with heavy imposed taxes will actually entice them into increase hiring, expanded construction and produce products that are made in America?

These have been proven hindrances and a total sellout to the residents, the taxpayers and especially Capitalism, which made our Country great and prosperous. Their philosophies obviously diminish quality of life for most. It does though; allow the increase of an already bloated spendthrift government with more money to waste, while foreign Countries and foreign illegal aliens reap all the rewards. Their goal is plain ands simple, redistribution of wealth. As Abraham Lincoln once said “you can’t make a poor man rich by making a rich man poor” Our representatives definitely believe they can except this stance, but have been constantly proven wrong in every way. They can’t read the handwriting on the wall, right in front of their noses. How many residents and citizens of the United States of American are actually employed by our generosity of forced stimulus and subsidies?

We have devastation on our own land by massive tornadoes and brutal weather, yet there are individuals in Congress refusing to help, denying these taxpayers, our own brothers and sisters much deserved help and assistance, claiming there’s no money in the budget. While they continue to send unlimited aide throughout the world, even to hostile corrupt Countries. Look at all the money sent to Haiti after the earthquake, Indonesia after the tsunami, not to mention all that receive our foreign aide that never benefits the people, but government officials do become billionaires at our expense. Doesn’t charity begin at home?

They demand “Respect” but this must be earned and not automatically given just because they are an elected or appointed puppet. It’s also a two way street? So far our President, the House of Representative, and the Senate didn’t even reach that first plateau in obtaining this privilege.

The President is great in blowing his own deceptive horn, while portions of the Country are violently deteriorating into oblivion. We as taxpayers forcibly compensate many multiple forms of political patronage, including bonuses of obnoxious payouts, promotions, fabricated positions, duel and triple job holders, hidden salary increases, deal making, nepotism, paybacks, rehiring of retirees, and corruption. Only the anointed businesses and their corporate heads that are blessed by his highness our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” are eligible to succeed and expand, without limitations.

All this while Obama authorizes smoke in mirror tactics, which includes, extended unemployment benefits, instead of jobs, high gas and energy prices, inflation, recession, escalated taxes, runaway spending, clueless policies, ignorance, incompetence, worthless currency, food stamps, welfare, unjustified social crutches and Obamacare.. Don’t you as a resident, taxpayer and citizen of this great Country feel humiliatingly used, abused and violated?

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