Let’s Say it Like it is, Obama is a Failure

By: Craig Chamberlain

Political leaders, especially Presidents, worry about their place in history. They might not admit it, or talk about it, but they make decisions based(if only partially) on what future generations will think of them. History is a slow judge, but it eventually gets around to rendering the right verdict. That being the case President Obama should be worried, very worried. Oh, I’m sure professional academic historians will be very nice to him when they get around to writing his biography. They’re usually very friendly to Democrats. But the American people, who know their history just as well as the academicians, remember things differently. For example historians usually have a very low opinion of President Reagan. They rank him in the second tier of Presidents. Arthur Schlesinger ranked President Reagan at number 25 when he conducted his survey in 1996. Average out the polls and the Gipper usually ranks at number 17, just one above John Quincy Adams.

Undoubtedly President Obama can expect the same kid glove treatment from historians. Historians who fawn over FDR, Woodrow Wilson, LBJ and any other great expander of the government can’t wait to get to sing the praises of the chosen one. The American people will be more skeptical. While historians rank Reagan in the middle of the pack, the people consistently put him in the top three. It’s unlikely that a President like Obama, one who not only hasn’t made any significant contributions, but has actually made things worse, is going to find a lot of sympathy from posterity.

There’s no other way to say it, there’s no way around it. President Obama is a failure at being President of the United States. Presidents must be judged on what they accomplished. Those who accomplish great things are remembered as being great leaders. That’s why Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, and Jefferson are held in high esteem by the American people as great Presidents, and Buchanan, Carter, and LBJ are not. The former group included the father of his country, the great emancipator, the winner of the cold war, and the sage of Monticello. The latter group includes a man who did nothing to prevent civil war, a president who took a bad economy, made it worse, and blamed the American people for it, and the President who sent 500,000 troops to Vietnam with no strategy for victory.

President Obama should be remember as a President of the second group. Looking at his time in office it’s easy to see that the high water mark of his administration was when he took the oath of office. The allure, the mystique, of the first black President has worn off. The American people wanted results and he just hasn’t delivered. Whether it’s the economy, foreign policy, or domestic policy, he has made everything worse. People can argue over whether that is due to incompetence or design, but things haven’t improved since he has taken office.

Let’s look at the economy. The official(and I emphasis official) unemployment rate is 9.1% when he came into office it was less than 8%. We were told that if we didn’t act quickly and pass a massive “stimulus” bill the unemployment rate could go as high as 8%. We’ve borrowed nearly 4 trillion dollars to pay for a stimulus program that didn’t stimulate anything. We’ve spent more on stimulus than we have on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We would have been better off doing nothing at all. According to most economic reports if the federal government hadn’t intervened unemployment would have topped out at 8.8% in 2010 and would be well on the way down by now.

President Obama is trying to sell a recovery but the people aren’t buying. There is no confidence that things are getting better. That’s why employers aren’t hiring, it’s why consumers aren’t spending, and its why were in for a double dip recession. This is the Presidents economy, the Republicans should remind the American people of that and remind them every day.

His failures aren’t just confined to unemployment. He wants to raise taxes, he wants to nationalize health care(and barring some miracle it’s going to happen) he has imposed a moratorium on drilling while giving his cronies in the “green energy” business all the taxpayer money they could ever want. He has bailed out banks and automakers that didn’t deserve a dime, and he thinks business is the problem with the economy not the solution.

Then there is the foreign policy disaster that his administration has left in its wake. It’s never good to be an ally of America when there is a Democrat in the White House. President Obama has thrown Poland and the Czech Republic to the Russian wolves. Not that doing so helped our relationship with Russia any. All it did was leave us strategically weaker and show the people of eastern Europe that they can’t rely on America. He demanded, and got, the resignation of President Mubarak. Now it is certain that there will be an Islamic- anti American government in Cairo by this fall. Then there is Israel. First hen demanded that the Israelis stop building “settlements”, now he has demanded that Israel withdraw to its 1967 borders. He hoped to make friends with the Arabs, but they hate us more than ever. And to the one truly free country in that region President Obama has made it clear that they can’t count on American support.

This is President Obama’s place in history. He is a weak leader who betrayed allies to suck up to our enemies, and got nothing for it. He is the President who inherited a shaky economy and completely ruined it because he wanted a bigger role for the federal government, not greater prosperity for the American people. It’s a history of arrogance, and failure.

So this is what a second Carter administration would have looked like.

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